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How To Get Soft Palms In 5 Minutes?


In the Victorian times there was famous saying, 'hands and feet are the true mark of a lady. ' But it is easier said than done to get soft palms nowadays. A few centuries back, the genteel ladies never did any work with their hands. They always wore gloves and thus their palms were soft. But most of us cannot try such luxury now.

We do all work with our hands. It is your hands come in contact with dust, hard water and rough surfaces maximum number of times. That is why, the skin on your hands undergo a lot of wear and tear. But you need not feel discouraged. With some smart home remedies you can get soft hand in minutes. These home remedies for soft hands are quick and effective.

Home remedies to get soft hands In 5 minutes

Soak Hands In Warm Water

Lukewarm water always softens the skin. So at the end of the day, soak your hands in lukewarm water and salt. You can also add a mild liquid soap to the water if you want to clean your hands.

Olive Oil And Sugar Scrub

Mix 1tsp of sugar in 1tsp of olive oil. Now rub this granular scrub softly on your palms. Do not rub it very harshly or else the sugar granules will scratch your skin very badly. Olive oil softens the skin, and it is also a natural cure for dry skin. If you can use the olive oil and sugar scrub at least once a week, you will always have soft hands.

Cocoa Butter Cream

You can either buy hand cream that has cocoa butter or you can prepare cocoa flavoured butter at home. Apply 2 drops of cocoa butter cream to get incredible soft palms.

Baby Powder, Salt n Soap

Sprinkle some baby powder on your palms. Then pour some natural bath salts on it. Now add a few drops of a mild hand wash soap. Rinse your hands softly and wash it away with warm water. Your palms will feel soft like a little baby.

Coconut Or Palm Oil

Coconut oil is readily available to us and it is very good to cure dry skin. To get smooth skin on your palms, apply coconut oil or palm oil and leave it for 10 minutes. Wash away the oil with salt. Don't use soap to rinse your hands.

These are some very quick and effective ways to get soft palms naturally. Do you know any other ways to get soft palms?

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