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Smooth Skin For Men: 10 Tips To Follow

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Do you think that men don't want smooth skin and a glowing complexion? Think again. Most men belong to the metro-sexual category these days and they like to look good. There is nothing wrong with men having smooth skin. It not unmanly at all. Having a smooth complexion just shows that men care for their skin properly. It gives them a well groomed look.

Men can get smooth skin by using some simple grooming tips. The male species is generally a little casual with their daily grooming needs. The skin care regime that men follow is often inadequate. To get smooth skin, men must take their skin care needs more seriously. All the grooming tips are effective only when they are practised regularly.

Some very simple steps can help men to get smooth skin. For example shaving regularly is a small step that can help you a lot to get smooth skin. Men can also get into a regular habit of applying lotion on their body before going to bed.

Here are some simple grooming tips that can help men get smooth skin.


Close Shave Regularly

Men are usually lazy to shave everyday. But if you want smooth skin, then not only should you shave regularly but also have a close shave each time.


Use A Face Wash

After a lot of deliberation, some men have finally come to the right conclusion that using soap on their face is a bad idea. For rest, we are saying it again. Please use a mild face wash on your skin twice everyday.


Scrub Your Face

Some men might have already got down to using face washes. But when it comes scrubbing, they are still lazy. You need to scrub your face thoroughly at least 3 times in a week to get rid of dead skin cells and accumulated dirt.


Apply Sunscreen

There is nothing girlie about applying sunscreen lotion on your body before you go out. Men get tanned from the sun just as badly as women. The skin damage caused by the sun is very harsh so never skip sunscreen.


Treat Acne In Time

Men are often more prone to acne than women because of their beard. Sometimes, an uneven shave can also cause acne. Treat acne immediately; try some natural remedies for acne on your face and body.


Use A Hydrating Skin Gel

Men often suffer from a problem of dry skin because they don't use creams and moisturisers. After bathing, apply a hydrating skin gel on your wet body to keep your skin supple.


Apply Body Lotion At Night

It is usually women who fuss over night cream. But there is no harm if men also apply body lotion all over their body before going to bed. It allows the skin to stay soft throughout the night.


Get Your Back Scrubbed

Men usually take quick baths and don't bother with scrubbing their back for many days at a stretch. Either get a back scrubber or ask your mother/girlfriend/wife to scrub your back. It is important to scrub your back to avoid back bread outs and patchy skin.


Scrub Your Feet

Soak your feet in hot water and bath salts for 10 minutes. Then scrub it with liquid soap and a pumice stone.


Oil Massage At Spas

It is not just women who enjoy body massages at spas. Men too can get oil massages and mud wraps to de-stess their skin at spas.

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Story first published: Wednesday, April 24, 2013, 23:27 [IST]
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