Summer Body Care: Smell Nice All Day Long!!

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Summer Body Care
This summer is predicted to be the hottest as the temperature is said to shoot to maximum. There isn't a need to worry as we give you simple ideas to smell nice and fresh all day long. Take a look to prevent perspiration and for better skin protection. Happy summer 2012!!

I'm many hate the idea of being sweatilicious, dull and boring in the hot season and try variety of brands and cosmetics to keep the good look. Unfortunately none of them work.

The ideas given below are simple yet useful!!

Tips To Summer Body Care

1. To Smell Nice – Avoid too tight (hip hugging clothes). Wear light coloured, soft and crisp cotton fabrics. Prefer organically dyed clothes as they wont irritate your skin. Wash your denims with sweet smelling fabric conditioners (such as comfort). Purchase fragrant potpourris for your wardrobe.

2. Very 'Essential' Oils – A few drops of aromatic oils like sandalwood, rose or lavender can be added to your bathing water. The oils moisturise your body and also smell fresh. You can also apply the oil on the neck region, behind ears, wrist and arm pits.

If you are heading to your pool, blend sunblock with some oil and apply. This will lock the cream on your skin and also prevent sweat odour.

3. Musk is a stronger and best fragrance for summer. It doesn't get off your body that easily. Instead of spraying it directly on fabric, dab it on the areas that sweat too much.

4. Your deodorants may be good but do not stay day long. For your sleeveless apparels, a mini ball (roll-on) fragrance is the best. It is easier to carry and apply. They do not harm and can be rolled on the perimeter of the armpits.

5. To prevent perspiration, always take bath in cold/ luke warm water. A few drops of lemon juice can work like an antibacterial deodorant. Limit your bathing time as your skin may get dry and lose out the natural oil on skin.

Get smart with summer body care!. Dab your sweaty body with antibacterial wipes or paper tissues. Wash face twice daily. Drink lots of water to keep your body hydrated and de-toxed.

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Story first published: Wednesday, February 22, 2012, 13:12 [IST]
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