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Why You Shouldn't Shave Body Hair?

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When you ask any woman if she shaves her body hair, she will most obviously reply that she doesn't. But once in a while, we all get lazy and shave are arms and legs. However, we must realise that this is not the safest way for body hair removal. You must not have your moments of indiscretion and shave your body hair.

The problem is not so much with women who already know that using a shaving razor can damage their skin. But men think body hair can be shaved off just like they shave their cheeks! So to make you aware, here are some of the side effects of shaving body hair that will keep you forewarned.

Shaving Body Hair

Green Skin: Greenery looks good in the nature around you, not on your skin. If you shave off body hair regularly, your body will start acquiring a greenish touch. Just like men have green cheeks when their beard is just reappearing, your body will start turning green!

Prickly Bear: Shaving makes your body hair more prickly and hard. So if you use this primitive method of body hair removal, your skin will become prickly like a porcupine. It is a very ugly feeling and even your lover would not want to touch you.

Increased Hair Growth: Why do Indians shave the heads of babies? This is done so that the child has thicker hair growth. The same logic applies to your body hair. If you use a shaving razor to get rid of your body hair, it will make your hair growth dense.

Faster Hair Growth: Why does a man's beard grow back in a day or two? This is because a beard is shaved regularly. If you make a habit of shaving your body hair, then it will start growing back faster. Soon you will have to start shaving twice a week!

Rough Skin: This type of body hair removal makes your skin rough. Especially in the winters, you skin might look white and patchy after shaving. Waxing does not take away the moisture from the skin like shaving does.

Hardens Body Hair: There is a difference in the texture of your body hair and pubic hair; the latter is much harder. If you shave regularly, your body hair will become tough like a man's beard.

In Growth: Shaving is a method that just chops away the body hair. It does not pluck it out from the roots. So shaving leaves in-grown hair on the skin that can erupt as small boils all over your body.

These are some reason why you should never shave off body hair. Do you shave your arms and legs? What results have you noticed?

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