Ways For Men To Shape Eyebrows

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To shape eyebrows is one of those pains unique to women like waxing and menstrual cramps. So women should be seriously glad to see that men are making an attempt to share their pain. Slowly but steadily eyebrow trimming for men is gaining acceptability. Most celebrities do it so why shouldn't the guy walking on the street not follow suit. Grooming for men has generally moved over to include eyebrow plucking with the facials and hairstyling.

Here are some ways for men doing their eyebrows to get it right because it is very easy for them to go astray in this new art.

Tips For Men To Shape Eyebrows:

1. Be Minimal: The trick is to take as little of your hair off as possible. Now if you have really busy eyebrows and you shape your eyebrows into arches the next day then people will notice. You can be rest assured that their reactions will not be positive because eyebrows are even more important for face identification than eyes. We get used to seeing a face with a particular set of eyebrows and suddenly don't identify the new shape.

2. Be Natural: Get as close to your natural shape as possible. Every set of men's eyebrows has a particular shape. It can be square or a raised slant or any other shape. The idea is not bring a drastic change in the existing shape. For example, if you have square eyebrows and you suddenly round them off, you'll look out of place.

3. Pluck The Stray Hair: If your eyebrows have a shape more or less suitable to your face then your job is easy. All you have to do is pluck your brows free of the odd hair here and there. Most men have eyebrow hair sticking out from the corners that makes their eyebrows look unruly. Pick these hair with tweezers yourself by looking into a mirror.

4. Waxed Brows: Some men are not lucky enough to have an eyebrow shape that is more or less perfect. Some have busy eyebrows that make them look like demons! For them there is no choice but to wax there eyebrows off the excess hair. In that case, you have to get a eyebrow grooming kit for men and rub the wax on the upper or/and lower part of your brows. Pull it off with a cloth strip. You will still have to retain the shape of your brows. Just reduce the volume of hair.

5. Feminine Brows? Well some men complain that their eyebrows are actually too thin and faint. They wish to increase the volume of hair and make they eyebrows look ragged for a more macho look. One option is to apply castor oil for hair growth and another is to pluck your brows a little so that hair growth is faster.

Use these fashion tips for men to shape your eyebrows well.

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Story first published: Thursday, February 9, 2012, 11:36 [IST]
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