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Homemade Bath Salt Recipes

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Want to have a great shower? Cleanse your body and vitalise the skin by adding bath salts in the water. Bath salts not only makes you feel fresh but it also opens the skin pores, removes dead skin and promotes new cell growth. You can easily make bath salts at home. Bring out the creative side of you to enhance your beauty.

Homemade bath salt recipes:

Homemade Bath Salt Recipes

Dead sea salt with essential oils: Dead salt is one of the most commonly bath salts. Mix sweet almond oil, Bergamont essential oil and salt together. Store the bath salt in an air tight container to preserve the smell of it. Use 1tsp in half bucket water while taking bath.

Fruit bath salt: Orange Epsom bath salt is great for the skin. Epsom salt moisturises the skin and detoxifies it. You can use Epsom salt with orange peel to make an excellent skin care product at home. Mix Epsom salt with orange peel (dried and ground into a powder) and few drops of orange essential oil in a bowl. Store in an air-tight container. You can sue this twice or thrice in a week to get soft and smooth glowing skin.

Flower bath salt: This is an easy homemade bath salt recipe. The aroma of flowers and essential oils make it an exotic bath salt for you. Elderflower and lavender are commonly used beauty herbs for this concoction. Mix elderflower or lavender with rosemary and lime essential oil along with dead sea salt. Add a 1tsp of this bath salt everyday in your bucket to smell good and moisturise your skin. This bath salt recipe is great for women.

Pain relief bath salt: Back pain is a common health problem of many people these days. Visiting a spa every day to cure back pain is not possible. So, you can get some instant relief by making this bath salt. The recipe is very simple so, just roll up your sleeves if you want to get relief from back pain. In a bowl, mix dead sea salt, dendrite salt, Epsom salt with chamomile and lavender essential oils. Add dried chamomile or lavender flowers (ground) to this mixture. Store in an air-tight container and use everyday. Take bath with hot water to get the best results.

For men: Why should men not groom themselves? They can also use a bath salt especially meant for them. To smell good, remove dead skin and moisturise your skin, try this homemade bath salt recipe. Mix lime essential oil, ginger essential oil and dead sea salt together. This strong smelling bath salt will prevent you from having body odour and keep you smelling fresh.

Try these homemade bath salt recipes to get a soft and glowing skin naturally. These bath salts are good for the skin as they cleanse and moisturise it.

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