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Shaving Kit For Him - Part 1

Shaving kit is an essential tool for a clean and stylish looks. However men's shaving kits consist of little more than a blade and a can of foam. To obtain a perfect shave that makes you feel like a new man requires, much more than these. Discover the value of fine and complete quality shaving sets.

Pre shave products: Pre shave products help to prepare your skin for a smoother and more comfortable shave as they soften the hair and add extra lubrication.

Shaving oil: is a must need tool as it lubricates and moisturizes your face by providing the perfect base for a close comfortable shave, thus resulting in a pain-free shave with no razor burn, rashes or dry, blotchy skin. They are better than foams or gels as they leave your face conditioned and moisturized. The best pre shave oils are natural oils, such as coconut, sunflower, olive or other oils drawn from plants. Natural oils help in avoiding pores to clog. Electric shavers usually come with a blade oil. Just place a drop of the oil on the blade. It will help in shaving properly with maximum protection. If your electric shavers do not have an add on oil with the pack then get skin oils that are specially formulated for electric shaves like the Jack Black

Shaving powders: there are two main types of shaving powders in the market. One is a depilatory powder, which is used mostly by black men to avoid razor bumps and ingrown hairs. In other words these are used instead of a razor; they chemically cause the hair to be removed from the skin. Make sure to test the product on a small area of the face, so that there is no adverse reaction or irritation associated with the product. It can be irritating and can cause small burns for people with sensitive skin.

The other kind is meant for electric shavers. It works like shaving oil, softening the hair and fluffing it up.

Shave products -

Shaving Cream/Foam: both of them are similar, but but foams have more air and come in a can, while creams come in a small bottle or tube. They moisturise, lubricate and also soften the whiskers like shaving oil. Go for creams and foams that contain aloe to heal the skin and guard it from dying out. You can even use products that contain numbing agents like benzocaine and menthol, as these will close your pores and prevent proper exfoliation.

Although foams look more welcoming a recent study states that foams causes dragging of the razor thus resulting irritation and ingrown hair (as they leave an air space between the skin and the foam).

Shaving soap: They are comparable less expensive and like the above product it's made for application by brush. When properly lathered, shaving soap gives the same result, but because it's soap, it might dry out your skin.

A glycerin: based shave soap are the best products as they generate a rich, slippery lather for a close shave, and has a few other virtues as well, it is biodegradeable and there is no canister to discard nor propellants released into the air. They are also available in an assortment of fragrances, complemented often with an aftershave or shaving cologne of the same fragrance.

Shaving Gel: provide ultra-smooth razor glide with no burn or pain giving maximum protection against irritation. They are specially formulated for delicate skin. However, their disadvantages they can clog pores as they don't wash off blades or faces easily.

Story first published: Friday, June 10, 2011, 18:03 [IST]
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