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    The Ultimate Guide To Wavy Hairstyles For Long Hair

    There is nothing that complements an Indian beauty as much as her long hair. Any Indian dress looks gorgeous with long and gorgeous braids. However, having a long hair does not mean that you will have to keep it braided all the time.

    You may well opt to keep your hair open. Better still, you may choose to style it well and thereby ensure that you become the envy of everyone present in the room.

    Wavy Hairstyles For Long Hair

    Now, it is a myth that the best of hairstyles can only be done by those who are blessed with long and silky hair. The fact is that there is an endless list of absolutely gorgeous hairstyles for those with long wavy hair.

    This article talks about some of those and some easy hacks in which you can achieve the same.

    • Wave With A Side Sweep
    This hairstyle works perfect on jet black hair and is hence the most appropriate for Indian women. Here, all you have to do is carefully side part your hair. Once that is done, go for intense curls and make sure that the same rests on one of your shoulders. You can be casual about the same without worrying if the hair is falling evenly on all sides. This hairstyle is all the way more suitable for women with a lean structure. You can go for a side sweep that covers a portion of the eyes, which will increase your sex appeal and make you look all the way more gorgeous.

    • Red Layered Hair With Curly Waves
    This hairstyle is all the way more suitable for women who love to experiment with colours. Curly waves look good on all sorts of hair length, but the effect just amplifies itself if the length of the hair is suitably long. You can opt for any shade of red for this particular hairstyle (including that of burgundy)

    • Messy Hair Wraps
    His hairstyle is most suited if you want to go for a casual daytime look. In fact, you will look all the way better if this can be accompanied with a messy high ponytail. Here, all you have to is to take all your waves and tie them tightly into a high pony. Once that is done, all that you have to do is to take a few loose strands and use that to wrap the base of your high pony. This will not just ensure that your ponytail stays protected for long but will also make way for you to rock that day without having to repeatedly fix your hair.

    • Messy Waves With Multiple Bangs
    Go for a semi high up hairdo if you want to pull off this look. Since the basic nature of this hairstyle is a messy one, you do not have to really worry about combing your hair well. However, it is advisable that you go for this look only if you have sufficiently long curls. This hairstyle will not suit women with short or mid length hair.

    • Ponytail With Side Bang And Thick Top
    This hairstyle is most apt for people with long volume of curls. Here, what you have to do is puff off your hair and then tie it into a low ponytail. Make sure you are very particular about your side bang. The highlight of this hairstyle should lie in the fact that the puff on top ensures that you look chic while the thick and heavy volume curls ensure that the glamour quotient is maintained.

    • Spiral waves
    This is one hairstyle that suits women of all complexion and face types. Ideally, the number of spirals for your hair will depend on its length, but if you have a decent length of hair, make sure that you settle for nothing less than 5 twirls. Another advantage of this hairstyle is that it is a low maintenance hairstyle and stays intact for a long duration of time.

    • Sleek Wavy Hairstyle With Inward Curls
    You have always had those long tresses, but now it is time that you add style to them and give your sleek polished waves the push that they've always deserved. Here, all you have to do is curl the edges of your long and beautiful locks. However, instead of doing that in the usual fashion, try opting for a new look by curling them inwards. Irrespective of the thickness or colour of your hair, this hairstyle is bound to give you a complete makeover.

    • Side Hairdo With Brushed Back Waves
    This is another simple hairstyle that does not require the application of too many beauty products. Here, you have to brush back your hair. This will make them look thicker than they are. In order to secure the same, you may opt for application of a small quantity of hair mousse. You can then go ahead and either tie it up into a ponytail or let it loose and let people get enthralled by your beauty.

    • Fringed Wavy Side Braid
    Fringes have always made you look cute and petite; but now it is time you use the same to give you a gorgeous appeal. As in the other hairstyles, all that you have to do here is comb your hair well and braid it up loosely. Make sure that you leave your lower curls and top fringes undisturbed. The common effect of all of this is that it will give you a feminine appeal and make you look extremely cute and girly.

    • Layered Side Braided Loose Waves
    This is the ideal hairstyle if you are blessed with long curly hair that is neatly trimmed into layers. Here, you have to neatly comb your hair and relax the same on your other hair like you would normally do. Then, you can go ahead and take a thin section of the hair and braid the same on one side. Make sure you secure the braid with the help of hair clips and that's how you could get those lustrous curls.

    Story first published: Monday, June 18, 2018, 11:45 [IST]
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