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    After Care Tips For Skin And Hair If You Just Got Drenched In Rain

    Who doesn't like to watch the rains sitting on your balcony sipping a cup of coffee? It's one of the most beautiful things about monsoons, isn't it? But getting drenched in the rain doesn't seem to be too exciting for some of us. But if you are someone who prefers to enjoy the rain by getting drenched then this article is for you.

    Our skin and hair are prone to more damage, especially during the monsoon season. Henceforth, not taking proper care of these will lead your skin dry and your hair frizzy enough to handle.

    Hair Care Tips For Monsoon

    So, the next time you get drenched follow this skin and hair care routine right away to maintain a damage free skin and hair.

    Skin Care Tips

    Do Not Wash Your Face Frequently

    Just because you got wet in rain, it doesn't mean that washing your face continuously will clean the dirt on the skin. In fact, it will make your skin drier. Make sure that you always dab the water with a clean cloth rather than vigorously wiping it off.

    Moisturise, Moisturise And Moisturise

    This is one of the key tips to protect your skin during the monsoon season as your skin is more prone to become dry during this season. It can also make your skin itchy and difficult to manage. So the only way you can protect your skin is by moisturising it at regular intervals.

    Use Sheet Masks

    Along with moisturisation using a sheet mask also protects your skin. Use a mask that has moisturising properties before going to bed. Apply some moisturiser or lotion and place a sheet mask on top of it. Smooth and damage free skin is all yours.

    Hair Care Tips

    Rinse It The Right Away!

    A major mistake that we all make when we come back home after getting drenched in rain is taking a shower in cold water. This will not remove all those pollutants and dirt is accumulated on the hair. It is recommended to take a shower in hot water to get rid of all the dirt.

    You can make an easy DIY hair rinse to wash your hair. Take a handful of neem leaves and boil it in water. Drain it and use this solution to rinse your hair.

    Oil Your Hair

    After you get back home before you go to take a shower, massage some oil on your scalp. This will help in removing the dirt from hair. 

    Dry It Well

    Do not forget to dry your hair well after taking a bath. Failing to do so will invite bacteria which will damage your hair and scalp. Let your hair dry naturally. If you are in a hurry you can use a blow dryer but make sure that you put it in the lowest mode so that overheat doesn't cause any further damage.

    Conditioner Is A Must

    Does your hair get frizzy and dry after getting wet in the rain? Then this is a sign that you should use a conditioner immediately to maintain frizz-free healthy mane. You can use any conditioner that suits your hair or if you are someone who likes to go natural we have a remedy for you. Mix together egg white and 1 tbsp of fresh unflavoured yogurt. Apply this on your hair and leave it for 15 minutes. Later rinse it off in normal water.

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