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    Shaving Tips For Girls With Sensitive Skin

    Do you feel bursts of pain after shaving? Or does your skin itch or develop red rashes after shaving? That's probably because you have a sensitive skin. Shaving becomes a regular part of your life after you reach a certain age. Many of us shave at least twice a week. However, shaving the skin is a very delicate and complicated process for girls with sensitive skin.

    Sensitive skin needs to be handled very delicately, and any wrong usage of tools or products on the skin of this type can cause nightmares. The general complaints that girls with sensitive skin have post-shaving are ingrown hair, bumps, rashes and allergic reactions, itchy and red skin. Therefore, some natural shaving tips are very essential for girls with sensitive skin.


    Here are some great shaving tips advised for girls with sensitive skin to keep itchiness at bay. By following these tips, you can also get a cleansed, smooth, and reaction-free skin. Take a look at these tips.

    Cleanse Your Skin Thrice A Day

    As mentioned earlier, sensitive skin needs more pampering, as this type of skin is more prone to flakiness and infections with even a minor mistake. Sensitive skin can get easily affected with dust and grime when you step out, making it prone to developing blackheads and larger pores.

    This, inturn, can cause rashes and cuts on the skin and may be an obstacle to a smooth shave. Therefore, cleanse your sensitive skin at least thrice a day. Use natural cleansers or cleansing wipes with natural elements, rather than cosmetics that can irritate your skin.

    Moisturize To Prevent The Irritation

    Sensitive skin is usually dry and lacks proper hydration. The dryness and itchiness can make shaving painful, leading to some skin reactions post shaving. By adding moisture to the skin, the skin would look shinier, softer and nourished.

    Sensitive skin also requires a pH balance to keep it nourished and smooth. Therefore, to prevent skin irritation and allergic reactions, it is essential to moisturize your skin daily. Consider applying a moisturizer twice in a day, once after your bath, and once before getting to bed.

    Exfoliate To Remove The Dead Skin Cells

    If you have too much of dead skin cells and hair on the surface of your skin, your blade may catch it all when shaving, which can lead to flare-ups and irritation. Hence, to prevent this, exfoliation is a must, and you should do this before your shave.

    You can use any natural exfoliators on your skin like a coffee scrub, sugar scrub, etc. But, be gentle on your skin during exfoliation and take your time to do it.

    Give Your Skin A Water Rinse Prior To Shaving

    If you have a sensitive skin, then shaving it when it is dry is the biggest mistake that you can commit. Generally, sensitive skin is dry, and this is the major cause of infections and skin issues. So, prior to shaving, go for a 5-minute water rinse. This makes the skin moist and cleansed, and you can shave smoothly. The dry hair on the hand is hard to shave, and it can also make your razor blunt. So, soften your hair with a splash of water to make it ready for a shave.

    Use Baby Oils For Smooth Shaving

    This is another great shaving tip. To prevent bumps and other skin problems, apply a little amount of baby oil or essential oils or natural ingredients like shea butter, or a homemade shaving cream, prior to shaving. This will help in smooth shaving and can also keep your skin soft. This also protects your sensitive skin from drying out, thereby preventing irritation and injuries.

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    Use Hygienic Shaving Tools

    Hygiene is an important aspect to consider in preventing skin allergies and infection, particularly for the sensitive skin types. To prevent germs and other reactions on sensitive skin, it is essential to keep your shaving blades clean.

    Ensure that you don't use the same blade after 3 or 4 usages, as they can get rough, leading to cuts and bleeding when shaving. Also, soak your razor in hot water and remove clogged hair and sanitize it. Wash your blade with effective cleansers

    Do Not Shave In The Opposite Direction Of Hair Growth

    Shaving in the opposite direction of hair growth is a general technique used by women. However, for girls with sensitive skin, this technique can get very painful, and can immediately lead to bumps and rashes. So, try shaving in the same direction of the hair growth and get a single blade razor to get a smooth shave. Get high-impact razors that can give you a smooth finish. Also, do not shave your skin if you already have an injury or wound.

    Caring For Your Skin Post-shave

    It is equally important to care for your skin post a shave, to keep the skin smooth and painless. Women with sensitive skin often complain of irritation, skin rashes and burning sensation following a shave. So, follow these post-shave caring tips if you have a sensitive skin:

    • Rinse your skin with cold water after shaving
    • Pat dry and apply an aftershave gel. If your skin is sensitive, opt for natural moisturizers such as aloe vera gel, coconut oil and tea tree oil that have a soothing effect on the skin. Baby oil is good enough too.
    • In case your skin feels itchy and stinging, apply some cold packs too.
    • Place a cold cloth around your skin and allow it to dry. This can relieve you from the pain and irritation.

    Do Not Step Out In The Sun Without A Sunscreen

    In the first place, the best time to do shaving would be when you don't have to face much sun exposure. Remember that a fresh shaved skin is vulnerable in general, and sun exposure can worsen itchiness, redness and burning sensation. However, if you have to step out of the house immediately after shaving, do not forget to apply a natural soothing gel to calm down the sensation, or apply a sunscreen lotion to prevent tanning and sun damage.

    So, girls with sensitive skin, fret not, when you see a razor the next time. Just follow these shaving tips and make your shaving sessions more relaxing and joyful.

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    Story first published: Tuesday, June 26, 2018, 17:00 [IST]
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