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How To Do The Disney Princess Rope Braid In 5 Easy Steps

The right hairstyle enhances one's personality. Hairstyle is an important part of your personality and can change your appearance considerably. We don't mean to say that your hairstyle is what makes you appear beautiful, but, it definitely adds to your beauty and overall appearance. For instance, if you are dressed to impress, but, your hairstyle doesn't go with your clothes, it can ruin the whole look. A good hairdo will make you feel confident and in control of yourself.

When picking a hairstyle, choose the style and colour that matches the shape of your face and complements your skin colour and features. A good hairstyle can complement a simple dress and make you appear glamorous. It shows you take care of yourself. And, it is a fact that a good hairdo leaves a lasting impression on people.

DIY Disney Princess Rope Braid

It is said that hair braiding can make your hair grow faster. It prevents hair loss, and braids are a like a protective measure. But, braiding too tightly may also cause breakage. They should only be tight enough so that you don't feel any pain when you remove them.

Rope braided hairstyles are just right to cover up a bad hair day, and there are several easy-to-create and stylish hairdos of this type that are best-suited for any occasion. Speaking of rope braid hairstyle what comes easily to our mind is the Disney princess hairstyles, isn't it? Well, it is not difficult. Have a look at the step-by-step guide of this hairstyle that we have covered below, and you will know how easy it is for you to try out.

Hairstyle Tutorial: घर पर आसानी से ऐसे बनाएं Disney Princess Hairstyle | सीखें हेयरस्टाइल | Boldsky

How To Do The Disney Princess Rope Braid Hairstyle In 5 Simple Steps

Step 1

Take a clean side parting from any side you prefer, and then just hold a section of your hair from the front such that this section is not too thick or not too thin.

Step 2

Just clip the rest of the hair to keep them out of your way.

Step 3

From the section that you have chosen, take two smaller parts and begin intertwining them. Once that is done, take another small part and do the same. So you can notice that it would seem like a rope formation.

Step 4

Continue twisting them all together towards the back. Pin it up with bobby pins.

Step 5

Open the rest of the hair which you had clipped, and begin with step 3 part braid along the side.

So, there you go, the rope braid look is all yours.

An alternative method of rope braiding:

Here's another way of doing the rope braid with elastic bands and bobby pins as tools.

Step 1

Begin by picking your favourite side, and make a low ponytail below your ear (left side or right side).

Step 2

Using an elastic band, secure it well. Now take a small section of hair, nearly the width of your finger and wrap the hair around the elastic band, such that the band becomes invisible. Now secure the hair with a bobby pin.

Step 3

Divide the ponytail into two equal sections, and twist each section tightly in the same direction.

Step 4

Then, wind the other two sections together in the opposite direction in which they were twisted.

Step 5

Secure the bottom with a clear elastic band.

Note: The tighter you twist and wind, the less their chances of falling apart. In case, you are looking for something more manageable, a braided bun hairdo may work well for you too.

The rope braid hairstyle is simple, yet a royal hairstyle that is perfect for an evening out, and a beautiful hairstyle to be worn at a brunch or office meeting. It blends perfectly well with most attire. The rope braid does not require any extra prepping of hair, and you only need your normal shampoo and conditioner routine. The hairstyle is best-suited for a long, medium, straight or wavy hair.

Every young girl would love to resemble a Disney Princess, doesn't she? So, pamper your hair, the way Princess Elsa does with rope braid hairstyles that are ideal for any occasion.

Few Tips When Doing The Rope Braid

• When braiding, ensure that you keep twisted sections of hair firmly between your fingers so that they don't end up getting too loose. But, you could make your braid a little loose, if your hair is very fine in nature.

• Do not use rubber bands, as it can be painful when you are taking them out.

• Rope braids also go well with front messy curls, or you can also accessorise your hair with clips etc., that add to the image.

• It would be easier if you use a leave-in conditioner to remove the frizz before doing the braid, as this can make your braid appear neater.

• Another cute styling option or we can say, an extension of rope braiding is to turn your braid into a charming updo, by letting the braid wrap your head on the left or on the right, and then if you have unbraided hair as well, pull its ends as well and secure at the crown with several bobby pins.

• The best way to get a perfect rope hair braid is to get somebody else to do it for you.

• You will have to be patient, as rope braiding gets easier and perfect with practice.

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Story first published: Tuesday, August 14, 2018, 19:00 [IST]
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