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    How to choose perfect compact powder for your skin tone?


    Getting your look right with makeup on is an art that gets perfect with practice and a bit of knowledge about how to use your cosmetics. One of the most important products in your makeup kit will surely be your compact. Compact powders are a must to set your makeup and they also do come handy for touch ups. Compact can also be used directly as it is on the no foundation days.

    The compact powder always comes to your rescue irrespective of your skin type and condition. Compacts are applicable for both dry/dull and greasy skin. With several brands in the market, there are compacts available of various kinds (from barely there to complete coverage, from oily skin to dry skin) - thus making compacts present for all skin conditions and skin types. Before you indulge in purchasing a compact, it is advisable to know your skin type and the compact that would suit you perfectly.

    How To Choose Perfect Compact Powder

    Different types of skin

    Skin types can be categorized into four kinds: dry, oily, normal and combination. Skin type is basically determined by one's genetics. However, internal and external factors can also play a role in determining the present condition of your skin. Normal skin refers to a well-balanced skin (neither too dry nor too oily). Dry skin produces less sebum. Oily skin type sees heightened sebum production. Combination skin is a mix of all skin types. Another type is the sensitive skin type. This is when your skin is highly prone to acne and breakouts, mostly happens with the oily skin type.

    How to select and use compact powder?

    Consider the below mentioned points to understand the basics of choosing the right compact.

    • Ensure that you choose a shade of compact powder that matches your skin tone/color.
    • In case you end up picking a compact that is two/three shades lighter than your skin tone, then post the compact application, your skin would begin to turn ashy or grey.
    • Pay attention to the coverage level that you desire before purchasing a compact powder.
    • If you have a light skin tone, opt for a compact with a pink undertone and one which is one or two shades lighter than your skin color. If your skin tone is on the darker side, then go for a compact powder with an orange or yellow undertone, and a color that matches your skin tone.
    • Remember to match your skin tone depending on the color of your face and not the back of your hand. Try the product on your face to know the result.
    • If you have a makeup artist, do seek his or her suggestion.
    • Every compact powder offers a different level of coverage. For a natural finish, go for the one with sheer coverage. Even translucent powders work well to give a natural touch. For even skin tones that would also hide imperfections use a medium or full coverage compact powder.

    Compact powder for oily skin

    Follow the below guidelines to choose the perfect compact powder for oily skin:
    • For oily skin, the ideal compact powder is an oil-control matte finish one. This can control the excess oil secretion.
    • Do not use powders that shine. Powders with radiance will make your skin look oilier.
    • You can try purchasing a sweat proof/waterproof compact powder.
    • Always remember to apply a primer before you put on the foundation. The primer would mattify your skin helping in controlling oil secretion.
    • For evenly applying the compact powder over your face and neck, use a sponge or a makeup brush. An extra coat of the powder should be applied over the T-zone of your face.
    • You can consider rubbing an ice cube over your face just prior to the compact application. This helps in controlling excess oil secretion. The appearance of pores is also minimized by the ice cube.

    Compact powder for dry skin

    Follow the below guidelines to choose the perfect compact powder for dry skin:
    • A matte finish compact can make your skin much drier. Use a cream-based compact or a translucent powder. This will make your face look healthy and less flaky.
    • Begin your makeup application session with the massage of a moisturizer. Let the moisturizer sink into your skin. Apply the compact powder after the moisturizer has got absorbed. This will make your skin look smooth and hydrated.
    • Do not build up layers of foundation as this would make your skin uneven and appear patchy. At the most apply two or three coats of foundation.
    • Do not apply powder on the areas that are otherwise dry, for instance the cheeks or the area around your nose.
    • For dry skin, mineral-based powders or highlighters are recommended. This adds radiance and makes your skin glow.

    Compact powder for sensitive skin

    Follow the below guidelines to choose the perfect compact powder for sensitive skin:
    • Use mineral-based powders. Ensure that the powder does not contain emollient oils and waxes. Fragrance and preservative ingredients are usually present in conventional powders, hence this should be avoided by people with sensitive skin.
    • People with sensitive skin are recommended the use of non-comedogenic and non-acnegenic powders.
    • Irrespective of dry or oily skin, always pay attention to the sensitivity factor of your skin before choosing a compact.

    Tips to remember:

    • Always clean your makeup tools before usage.
    • Skin can be quickly mattified with the use of blotting paper.
    • Sponges are ideal for touch-ups, not for first time application as they tend to absorb most of the product.
    • To apply the compact correctly, first deposit the product and then blend using a brush.

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