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    Here’s Why You Should Include Pumpkin Seeds In Your Beauty Routine

    Health Benefits of Pumpkin Seeds - Don't Miss Out! | Boldsky

    The innumerable beauty benefits of pumpkin seeds make them a highly valued skin and hair care ingredient that you need to add to your beauty arsenal.

    A storehouse of essential vitamins, minerals, fatty acids and many other compounds, seeds of a pumpkin are hailed as wondrous beauty ingredients that can beautify your skin and hair naturally.

    How To Use Pumpkin Seeds For Skin Care

    For ages, instead of throwing these remarkable seeds away, women worldwide have been using them in their beauty routine to promote the health of their skin and hair and raise their beauty quotient. In addition, these seeds are known to go well with different skin types.

    If you’re yet to discover the amazing benefits of pumpkin seeds, then do read on. As, today at Boldsky, we’re letting you know about the top reasons why you should make pumpkin seeds a part of your beauty routine.

    Instead of splurging big money on commercial beauty products, you can just give this natural ingredient a try to get the kind of skin and hair that you’ve always yearned for.

    Here is a list of the reasons why pumpkin seeds deserve a spot in your beauty routine.

    Pumpkin Seeds Benefits For Skin

    1. Promotes Collagen Production

    Adequate levels of collagen in the skin are essential for its overall health and appearance. On the other hand, the breakdown of collagen can make your skin wrinkled and speed up the ageing process. However, with the help of pumpkin seeds, you can boost collagen production in the skin and help it look naturally beautiful, healthy and youthful.

    2. Accelerates Skin Renewal

    A wide array of nutrients like zinc, phytosterols in pumpkin seeds enable this valued ingredient to accelerate skin renewal. This, in turn, can help rejuvenate the skin thereby revealing a younger and brighter look. In addition, by accelerating skin renewal, pumpkin seeds also heal and repair damaged skin.

    3. Brightens Skin’s Complexion

    Packed with vitamin E, pumpkin seeds can also brighten the skin’s complexion. Its regular application can diminish dullness from your skin and make it appear bright and radiant. That is why it is celebrated as a glow-boosting skin care ingredient. Its regular application can make the dull skin a thing of the past.

    4. Improves Skin’s Elasticity

    Zinc is an essential mineral that is celebrated for its many skin-improving benefits. One such benefit is its ability to improve the skin’s elasticity, thereby making the skin appear tight and youthful. And, being a rich source of zinc, pumpkin seeds can help in retaining skin elasticity. The usage of these seeds can help tighten loose skin.

    5. Lightens Scars And Spots

    Antioxidants are compounds that can work wonders on many skin-related problems like prominent scars and spots. And, since pumpkin seeds are a storehouse of antioxidants, they are often used for spot treatment. These seeds can reduce the noticeability of scars and brown spots on your skin.

    Pumpkin Seeds Benefits For Hair

    6. Encourages Hair Growth

    The vitamins and minerals present in pumpkin seeds can encourage the growth of healthy hair. These compounds can not just boost hair growth but also prevent breakage. Regular application of these seeds to your hair can help you achieve long and strong hair.

    7. Prevents Flaky Scalp

    Certain compounds like vitamin E and zinc enable pumpkin seeds to help retain moisture in the scalp and prevent it from becoming dry and flaky. And, the well-moisturized scalp is critical for your hair’s health and appearance. It not only improves the appearance of your hair but also keeps unsightly hair conditions like dandruff at bay.

    8. Prevents Premature Greying Of Hair

    The minerals in pumpkin seeds are known to boost melanin production. This, in turn, helps your hair retain its natural colour. That is why the topical application of pumpkin seeds can be used for treating premature greying of hair. Safe and natural, these seeds are considered to be potent substitutes to commercial hair dyes.

    These are the various ways in which pumpkin seeds can promote the health and appearance of your hair and skin. Not only do they beautify your skin and hair but also treat a myriad of unsightly problems that can bring down the beauty quotient.

    So, upgrade your beauty regime with pumpkin seeds and get naturally beautiful hair and skin.

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    Story first published: Sunday, July 22, 2018, 14:00 [IST]
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