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Does Olive Oil Help In Strengthening Brittle Nails?

Brittle nails are quite common and many of us have faced this issue. Although it is more common with long nails, brittle nails tend to occur even when your nails are trimmed to the core. Brittle nails are a condition that occurs due to the over drying of the nail bed and cuticle. However, with natural remedies, you can do a lot to save your pretty nails from turning brittle.

Causes Of Brittle Nails

Brittle nails are associated with ageing. However, this does not always hold true as many young and middle-aged people also tend to face this issue. Breaking off of nails or nails becoming deformed could indicate few other medical conditions as well that might require immediate treatment.

Excessive exposure to dry areas and water can lead to brittle nails. Nails also get chipped off very often if you are habituated with the application of thick coats of nail paints. Some nail polish removers are too strong and using them frequently can turn your nails weak and brittle.

Olive Oil For Brittle Nails

Does Olive Oil Help In Strengthening Brittle Nails?

One of the home remedies that are widely used in strengthening your nails is olive oil. Olive oil when massaged onto the nails can facilitate calcium absorption. The process of calcification is improved. This serves to be the best and most inexpensive home remedy for treating brittle nails.

Instead of using over-the-counter gels and creams to treat brittle nails, choosing to use olive oil can save you a lot of money and it gets to work quite soon. Olive oil serves the purpose by penetrating the nail and skin, thus effectively repairing the damages caused. It gives strength to the nails and softens the nails and cuticles.

How Does Olive Oil Help In Strengthening Brittle Nails?

The presence of vitamin E in olive oil helps the nails and cuticles to grow in a healthy manner. Vitamin E gives olive oil the most needed moisturizing effect and also helps in the quick absorption that is required to achieve strong nails. Olive oil is known to promote calcium absorption.

Follow the below-mentioned processes to effectively utilize olive oil to strengthen your nails.

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The things required are lemon juice, olive oil, cotton gloves and nail buffer/soft cloth.


• Warm some amount of olive oil and allow it to cool down a bit till the temperature is bearable. Soak your nails in the warm olive oil for about 30 minutes. The heat helps in speeding up the absorption so that the nails and cuticles can get moisturized well.

• Use olive oil daily to massage the nails and cuticles so that the moisture can be locked well within. Use small, circular motions when massaging. Keep massaging till the oil appears to have been fully absorbed.

• Use a clean cloth or nail buffer to buff the nail when you have applied olive oil onto it. This gives you shining, bright nails. This is a must-needed step if you tend to use nail polish too often. Doing this buffing procedure would grant your nails protection from the chemicals used in the nail paints.

• Make a mixture of olive oil and lemon juice in the ratio 1:3. At night, soak your fingernails in this mixture of lemon juice and olive oil. Keep the nails soaked for about 10 minutes. After you remove your fingers from the solution, cover your hands with cotton gloves. Leave the gloves on overnight.

Essential Nail Care Tips To Remember

• Clean your nails regularly and dry them well after washing. Don't let germs and bacteria breed.

• Do not bite your nails. It makes them brittle.

• Tame your cuticles often. Keep them moisturized.

• All your nail toes should be washed and sanitized periodically. You can use natural disinfectants such as tea tree oil.

• Use hand creams or moisturizing oils to keep your nails well moisturized.

• Trim your nails often to maintain its good health.

• Use a base coat on the nails before you apply nail paint. This will prevent your nails from being stained and getting discoloured.

• To make your nail colour last longer, apply a top coat. It adds shine to your nails and prevents it from chipping off.

• File your nails in only one direction.

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