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    DIY Hibiscus Hair Oil

    Thinning of hair is a prime concern these days among most women. With exposure to extreme conditions and polluted environment, our hair tends to lose its health with each passing day. Boosting hair health with the use of oils is of extreme necessity so that our hair is able to bear and repair the damages caused due to the environmental stress that it goes through every day.

    Hair oils work by keeping your hair nourished and conditioned and also solves plenty of hair-related issues. Oiling your hair regularly promotes hair growth. However, it is important to find a hair oil that suits your hair type. Although there are plenty of hair oils of various brands available in the market, they are loaded with chemicals that might not do any good to your hair in the long run.

    DIY Hibiscus Hair Oil

    To use a safe hair oil that only guarantees ample health benefits, it is advisable that you prepare a hair oil yourself at home. One of the best homemade hair oils is the one that is made using hibiscus. This serves to be highly nourishing and ensures that your hair grows out long and strong.

    Why Should We Use Homemade Oil For Strong Hair?

    Using oils available in the market would only show temporary results. Being loaded with artificial ingredients and chemicals, oils purchased from the market can cause long-term damage to your hair that might not be visible after a couple of initial uses. To be sure that you are using safe products on your hair, it is necessary that you prepare hair care products yourself at home using natural ingredients.

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    Homemade hair oils have been in use since ancient times and it still continues to be made in several households. If you wish to have problem-free, strong and long hair, it is recommended that you choose DIY oils that can be used on a regular basis.

    Benefits of hibiscus for hair

    • It is highly effective in fighting hair loss.
    • It provides natural conditioning to the hair.
    • It adds bounce and volume to your hair.
    • It makes the hair smooth, lustrous and silky.
    • It makes hair stronger and shinier.
    • It helps in covering the greys and also prevents premature greying of the hair.

    How To Make Hibiscus Hair Oil?

    What you will need:

    • Hibiscus flowers: 5
    • Hibiscus leaves: 5
    • 100 ml (half cup) of coconut oil


    • Wash the hibiscus flowers and leaves. Use a cloth to dry them out.
    • Prepare a smooth pulp by crushing the hibiscus flowers and hibiscus leaves (you can even grind the hibiscus flowers and leaves to obtain a smooth paste).
    • Pour the oil into a pan. Heat it. To the heated oil, add the pulp prepared by crushing the hibiscus flowers and leaves. Using cold-pressed oil makes sure that more nutrients are retained when compared to other normal oils.
    • Keep heating the oil until it begins to fume. Then turn off the heat.
    • Strain the oil. Keep about two tablespoons of this aside to be used immediately. Store the remaining in an air-tight container for future use.
    • Take the oil mixture kept aside and massage it onto your scalp for about fifteen minutes. Make sure that the oil mixture is not too hot. Wait for it to cool down before applying it. After applying it onto your scalp, you can then work the oil throughout the length of your hair. The best way to apply the oil is by parting small sections and slowly massaging the oil using your fingertips. Let it remain on your scalp and hair for 45 more minutes. You can keep the oil on overnight as well if you wish to.
    • Use a mild, sulfate-free shampoo to wash your hair. Apply conditioner after shampooing your hair. Few people prefer using a hibiscus-based shampoo to attain further hair conditioning, nourishing and strengthening benefits of hibiscus.
    • After washing your hair, use a towel to squeeze out all the excess water.
    • Let your hair air dry naturally.

    Follow the above hibiscus hair oil application technique frequently. You can do it 2 to 3 times per week.

    The hibiscus hair oil works as a wonderful hair treatment and begins to show effective results within a short period of time. Hibiscus is rich in vitamin C and amino acids (both being essential hair nutrients). Use of the hibiscus hair oil nourishes your scalp and stimulates the hair growth even from follicles that have turned dormant. Hibiscus is known to condition your hair. It strengthens the roots and eventually prevents hair loss due to constant hair fall. Blood circulation in the scalp is tremendously improved with the use of hibiscus hair oil.

    Hibiscus hair oil also works towards treating frizzy and rough hair. It is known to trigger hair growth and control dandruff. It also repairs dull and lifeless hair.

    Essential Hair Care Tips To Remember

    Caring for your hair is essential so that it continues to look gorgeous and full of life always. Your hectic daily schedules should not make way towards poor hair health. Dedicate some time daily for a good hair care regime. Follow the below tips to ensure that you always care for your hair the right way.

    • Get enough sleep. Your hair repairs itself while you are asleep.
    • Keep your hair hydrated and moisturised.
    • Keep track of what you are eating. A nutritious, well-balanced diet is important for the good health of your hair.
    • Do not give in to the temptation of washing your hair daily. It would only make your hair condition worse. The thumb rule is washing your hair two to three times a week.
    • Ensure that your scalp is always clean.
    • Choose the hair care products that you use wisely. Read the labels before you begin purchasing any particular hair care product from the market. It is important to be aware of the ingredients that have been used in the preparation of a hair product.
    • Let your hair dry naturally after each wash. Avoid blow drying.
    • Restrict yourself from using too many hair styling tools and products.
    • Oil your hair regularly. This ensures that your hair is well-nourished always.

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