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Did You Know These Benefits Of Using Beer Shampoo?

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Are you wondering what beer has got to do with your hair? We only know of beer as an alcoholic beverage, prepared all over the world, isn’t it? But lately, beer has made its arrival in the form of shampoos for soft hair!

And, whatever is your stand on consuming beer, we have to tell you that knowing the benefits of beer for hair, it seems like a wonder potion for your hair.

Once you learn about the benefits of beer shampoo, you will realize that it works far better than any ordinary shampoo. This is because, beer acts as a cleanser and shining agent, rescuing your hair from dullness and adding lustre. It makes your hair less frizzy, soft, manageable and promotes hair growth.

Benefits Of Using Beer Shampoo

Benefits Of Beer Shampoo

If you still can’t believe what you just read, here’s how beer shampoos can help your hair:

• Beer is loaded with vitamins, minerals, and other essential nutrients that are conducive to hair growth. Apart from the essential mineral silica, beer contains copper, phosphorous, iron, magnesium and the B Vitamins that help with hair growth.

• Beer is a great conditioner, providing you silky hair, with added volume. This is due to the presence of the mineral silica, which has a huge role to play in volume. It improves the lustre and quality of the hair.

• Beer can absorb excess oil, as it has an acidic pH which helps you get rid of an oily, greasy scalp and therefore is the best cure for flat hair days.

• Given its alcoholic properties, beers are great deep cleansers. Apart from leaving you with a healthy scalp, it controls dandruff and itchiness too.

• The essential proteins and vitamins in beer, help strengthen hair strands. Soaking, rinsing or just spritzing your hair with beer can leave your hair nourished as, apart from the B vitamins, the presence of proteins repairs damaged hair and boosts volume. The maltose and sucrose sugar in beer tightens the hair cuticles for better shine.

• Beer provides great immune benefits for the hair by protecting hair from pollution and UV rays of the sun.

• Beer is known to be a natural highlighter, and so, if you are looking for ways to add natural brightness to your hair, beer can help.

Ways To Use Beer In Your Hair Care:

Having mentioned about the benefits that beer has to offer for your hair, here’s how you can include it in your hair care routine.

As a rinse

For this, just go about your usual oil massage, followed by the use of your regular shampoo. Finally, use beer as a conditioner, but unlike when using other conditioners, you can allow it to get to your scalp, allow it to remain for 3 to 4 minutes and rinse off with plain water.

However, if you are averse to the smell of beer on your hair, you could follow it up with a conditioner of your choice.

Repeat this once a week. The beer rinse can cleanse your hair, balance the scalp pH, add shine and volume to your hair, while also controlling frizz.

As a shampoo

To use beer as a shampoo, boil beer for about 15 minutes in a pot. Do not bother if the beer evaporates or reduces to half its content. This is done to lower its alcoholic content.

When the beer has cooled down to room temperature, mix one-and-a-half cup of beer with a cup of shampoo. Now, wet your hair with water, massage the beer shampoo into your hair until it lathers, and then wash off with cool water.

Repeat this twice or thrice a week. When used as a shampoo, it helps remove impurities and conditions the hair. The shampoo contributes to a clean, healthy scalp, ideal for hair growth.

As a hair mask

Blend together half a cup of dark beer, with a tablespoon of honey, one ripe banana and an egg yolk. Make a smooth mixture out of this, and begin applying this to your hair by massaging it into your roots and working down the length of your hair till the tips.

Now cover your hair with a shower cap and leave it on for one or two hours. Wash the mixture with a regular shampoo, followed up with a conditioner.

This mask can be used once a week. It is best suited if you have dry to normal hair, as all the ingredients in this mask are great conditioners and help in sealing in moisture. This beer hair mask keeps your scalp healthy, nourishing it from within and promoting hair growth.

Few Points To Note When Using Beer For Hair Care:

• Beer shampoos cannot be a complete replacement for your regular shampoos. They should be used only as occasional washes to nourish and cleanse your hair.

• If you have dry hair, beer hair therapy should be done only in moderation, as frequent washes with beer can make it prone to breakage. A better option, if you have dry hair, is to use beer with other essential oil massages.

• If you have oily hair, using beer on hair can make a huge difference, as it removes excess oil and prevents dandruff and itchiness. But, it is still not recommended to use the shampoo daily, as it can strip your hair off natural oils. So, you can use it once in three days maximum.

• If you have coloured your hair recently, then it is better that you keep away from using beer shampoos for six months, as they can react with hair colours and cause dryness.

• If you are making DIY beer shampoo, then take care about the concentration of the beer you add to the mix, as the smell would prove to be a major drawback.

So, having known the benefits of beer shampoo for your hair, aren’t you willing to give it a shot?

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