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    Benefits Of This Homemade Day Cream Will Amaze You!

    With today's fast-paced lifestyle, our morning hours are fully busy. But, however hectic our mornings may be, we cannot leave home without prepping our skin for the rest of the day. This is because, the largest organ in our body, our skin, is also the organ that is most exposed to toxicity and pollution. So, imagine if we have to face harsh winds, pollution and sun rays with a bare face?

    Often, when it comes to skincare, we tend to use chemical products that claim to protect our skin, but, we may end up doing more harm than good in the process. Most ready-made creams, whether it is a moisturiser, face wash, day or night creams, all of them contain concentrated chemicals that may not be agreeable to your skin. Therefore, side-effects and allergic reactions are common when using these products. This is when natural homemade products come to your rescue, as they are devoid of any allergic reactions or side effects.

    DIY Homemade Day Cream

    How Does A Day Cream Help You?

    Even if you have no time to apply make-up, do not comprise on using a day cream. A day cream is a must for your skin to combat pollution, sun rays and other environmental factors, as it can protect you from these.

    This is because day creams, apart from protecting your skin from harmful factors such as pollution, are generally lighter, and help nourish the skin. Day creams should form an inevitable part of your skincare regimen if you wish to achieve a healthy skin.

    Day creams help in healing, repairing and rejuvenating your skin, while nourishing it from within. Another major benefit of day cream is its sun protection factor.

    A good day cream also addresses other skin problems such as dryness, breakouts and covers up for your negligence of skin care.

    What's more, a day cream can serve as the perfect base for make-up. Even if you do not use make-up, the cream nourishes your skin, working in harmony with your skin making it healthy, radiant and naturally glowing.

    Why Should You Use A Homemade Day Cream?

    Skin care products that are made of natural ingredients are the best and most effective in reducing the appearance of wrinkles, smoothing the skin, moisturising the skin, and to keep the skin glowing. But, given the huge marketing gimmicks for synthetic products, people are often convinced otherwise. A little common sense and experience can go a long way here, as homemade products are not only safer, but healthier too. You will realize this when you take a look at their benefits as listed below:

    • No allergic reactions

    In a homemade cream, you know what goes into it. There are not corrosive chemicals or artificial colours used. If you belong to the sensitive skin types, you need not worry about a breakout. Natural day creams are gentler on the skin, giving you the desired results, without any associated side-effects.

    • No artificial fragrances

    Did you know most chemical-based skin care products contain artificial fragrances, besides artificial colours and chemicals? Although fragrance sounds harmless, many people suffer from allergies, migraines and nausea due to the artificial fragrance used in ready-made skincare products. Homemade creams do not contain artificial fragrances.

    • Does not harm your internal organson the skin, the skin absorbs the chemicals in them, and they end up invading your bloodstream, causing harm to your internal organs in the long run. Homemade creams contain only natural ingredients, and hence no cause for worry.

    How To Make Day Cream At Home Using Basic Ingredients?

    Here is one simple DIY day cream that can be prepared at home. Although, this is best suited for people with dry skin, it serves as a good day cream for all skin types.


    • Sweet almond oil (45ml)
    • Avocado oil (30 ml)
    • Beeswax(15g)
    • Mineral water (2 tablespoons)
    • Lavender essential oil (2 drops)
    • Geranium essential oil (1 drop)

    How to prepare:

    • Take the oils and wax in a heavy bottom steel saucepan and gently melt the oils and wax.
    • Warm the mineral water and add it to the oil gently, and continue stirring vigorously.
    • Switch off the flame and continue stirring until the cream reaches room temperature, so that the ingredients bind well to each other.
    • Now transfer the cream into a clean air-tight glass container and shake well.
    • Store in a cool, dry place.

    Note: This cream should be used within 4 weeks, as it lacks preservatives.

    How Does The Cream Work?

    Sweet almond oil is great for oily, dry and sensitive skin. The fatty acids in the oil help your skin by retaining moisture and preventing dryness, while the presence of Vitamin A helps reduce acne.

    Avocado oil is a great source of antioxidants, minerals, essential fatty acids and vitamins, helping your skin in remaining youthful. This absorbent oil moisturises your skin well and acts as a natural sunblock.

    Lavender essential oil has many benefits, the best being its ability to penetrate the skin pores and kill germs that cause acne, thereby helping to prevent and heal breakouts.

    Geranium oil was used by ancient Egyptians in promoting beautiful, radiant skin. It also helps in treating acne and reducing skin inflammation.

    Some Essential Tips For Glowing &Healthy Skin

    • Exfoliate your skin at least once a week to remove layers of dead skin. This will give you a healthy glow.

    • Keep a note of what you put into your plate, as your skin reflects what you eat. Include fresh fruits, green, vitamins, proteins in your diet. Cut down on dairy and sugar. Have plenty of vitamin C for a glowing skin.

    • Exercise regularly and practice yoga as it boosts blood circulation and flushes out toxins giving your face a glow. However, don't skip your skincare routine before or after a workout.

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    Story first published: Friday, August 3, 2018, 11:30 [IST]
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