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    Benefits Of Orange Peel For Hair Care

    We tend to try out every possible thing that we hear about for our hair. Having a bad hair day does make us realize how important it is to maintain good hair health, so that we get to show our shiny and bouncy hair daily.

    There are plenty of reasons why you should dump the chemical-based hair care products and instead choose home-based hair care ingredients. One such home-based method is the use of orange peels for hair care.

    Benefits Of Orange Peel For Hair Care

    Use of mandarin oranges serves to be the best for this. Nevertheless, you can also consider using the usual oranges as well.

    Mandarin Oranges

    These oranges closely resemble the common orange that we all have seen. It is just a bit smaller in size and has a thin peel. The most commonly available mandarin oranges are Clementine, Tangor and Satsuma and Owari. The most commonly found mandarin orange is the tangerine, which comes with red orange skins.

    This fruit is harvested during the winter season. However, they are widely available in canned forms throughout the year. Apart from the fruit being extremely juicy and sweet, its peel has plenty of benefits that range over health care, skin care and hair care.

    These oranges are used in salads and sometimes eaten raw too. The peels of this fruit contain essential oils that are widely used for managing healthy skin and hair.

    Using Mandarin Oranges And Its Peel For Hair Care

    Read on to know the ample benefits of mandarin oranges and its peel for hair care.

    Antioxidants: This fruit is rich in antioxidants, which makes it act like a natural conditioner. It helps in preventing hair damage due to pollution. It makes sure that your hair remains healthy and soft.

    Adding shine and bounce: These oranges grant a bouncy and shiny look to your hair. Orange peel in grinded form can be applied to the hair along with a good hair oil. Let it remain on your hair for about an hour, after which you can wash your hair.

    • Facilitates hair growth: Mandarin oranges are rich sources of vitamins E and B12. This facilitates proper and healthy growth of hair.
    • Slow greying of hair: Oranges are rich in vitamin B12 that makes greying of hair slow down.

    Orange Peels Make Sure Your Hair Grows Healthy And Shiny

    Orange peels are packed with vitamin C, so using them to treat your hair can leave your hair bouncy and shiny. Using orange peels for hair care not just leaves your hair beautiful from the outside but treats it from within as well, making it healthy internally.

    Several scalp-related problems can be treated if you regularly use a mix of orange peel along with olive oil or lemon juice to treat your hair. You can use fresh orange peels. Powder it and mix about one tablespoon of orange peel powder in lemon juice or olive oil and then apply it onto your hair.

    Effectiveness Of Orange Peels

    If you are fond of oranges and have overlooked the benefits of its peel, then it is time you enjoy the benefits of the orange peel along with the consumption of the juicy inner part. Orange peels serve to beatify your hair, without you having to go to a salon to seek hair treatment. The orange peels that we generally throw away after eating the fruit can do wonders to your hair.

    Hair Care Benefits Of Orange Peel

    • As a conditioner: Not just for the skin, but orange peels have since ages proven to be highly beneficial for the hair as well. The juice extracted from the peel of oranges works as a great conditioner for the hair. To obtain the juice, you can grind the orange peels. To the juice, you can add about a tablespoon of honey and water to turn it into a paste.

    This works great as a natural conditioner. Use this mix of orange juice, honey and water after you have applied shampoo to your hair. Keep this mixture applied on your hair for about 5 to 10 minutes and then wash it off. The result is soft, shiny and beautiful hair.

    • Dandruff treatment: When your scalp becomes excessively dry, it results in dry, itchy scalp that also results in occurrence of dandruff. Presence of dandruff could get really annoying and embarrassing. Dandruff relief shampoos and other cosmetic products only give temporary relief from dandruff. After of couple of days of using dandruff preventive solutions, you see the dandruff back on your scalp.

    This is where home-based dandruff remedy comes into use. You can use the juice obtained from an orange peel after you have washed your hair using a dandruff prevention shampoo. After washing your hair, apply the juicy parts of the orange peel onto the scalp. Let it dry and then wash it off. This will remove dandruff naturally and effectively.

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    Story first published: Tuesday, June 12, 2018, 19:30 [IST]
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