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    Essential makeup tips for women above 30

    The age 30 is no longer considered the age that synonyms with growing old. In fact, 30 is now associated with being the new 20. However, the age 30 can begin to show up on your face, which is actually a window to your inner self.

    The makeup rules definitely change after you have outgrown the typical partying age. It is not that you can no longer pull off bolder looks, but it is more based on how well you understand the makeup tricks once you reach the age of 30 and beyond.

    Makeup Tips For Women Above 30

    The tricks and rules to pull off bold makeup differ when compared to how you used makeup in your 20s. Read on to know about the basics on how you can get your makeup right once you reach 30 years of age.

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    Application Of The Foundation

    Foundation is much more than just a base for creating a perfect, flawless and even complexion. Foundations available in the market these days are designed to not just offer you an even complexion but also hide and treat skin concerns that come up with ageing.

    The basic foundation as found in the widely available BB and CC creams (made with snail cream to treat and hide fine lines) are the easy go-to options when you wish to put on a mild foundation in a hurry. Or, you can also choose the retinol foundation treatment when correcting ageing concerns, which is of utmost priority to you.

    Foundations form the base that decides how the rest of the makeup would look. Choosing the perfect foundation for your skin type is highly essential.

    Highlighting Your Facial Features

    Bring some light to your face with the usage of highlighting effects. However, since at the age of 30, your skin texture might begin to change, you will need to be extra-careful while you choose the highlighter to use. Opting for concealers that are too thick or bold contour sticks can actually settle in the fine lines on your face, making your face look cakey.

    Too heavy a product tends to show up under even the mildest of lights. So, ditch your heavy-duty highlighting stick and instead go for a more liquid-like highlighter instead.

    Preparing Your Eyes And The Surrounding Region

    Your eyes are the window to your real age. While, there is no reason why you would want to hide your age, prepping up your eyes before you begin with the routine makeup can make your face glow and also give you a youthful look. Keep it light when covering up the dark regions below your eyes.

    Do not use a heavy eye concealer when covering your under-eye circles. These might make you look older. Use a light product sparingly. The concealer should not be dragged too far when applied around the eye area. Begin by dotting using the concealer directly under the eye region.

    Less is more and you can always apply more amount of the concealer, if required. Heavy-looking under-eyes is more difficult to set right than building them up when required.

    Preparing The Eyelid

    One of the most in thing today is eyeshadow primer. However, most of us are skeptical of its usage at first. However, on older skin, these primers are your best friends. Eyelid shape changes as you age.

    There are extra creases and crinkles that decide how you apply the eyeshadow and eyeliner. So, in order to make your eyes look perfect, begin by giving your eyelids a shot to stick onto the used product and this is best done through the use of eyeshadow primers.

    The concealer used under your eyes can also be used as the eyeshadow primer (especially if you do not wish to spend extra on special eyeshadow primers). This makes your eye surface smooth to put makeup on and also helps your shadows to get that popped-up look.

    Using Matte Shades

    Your sparkling eyes can bring you back the 20s look. Making your fine lines vanish is much simpler when working with matte finish make-up products. Matte shades are preferred by all makeup artists when applying eye makeup for a woman over 30 years of age.

    Using sheer and metallic eyeshadows can get you into trouble, as these might fall into the creases on your eyelids, which ends up showing your ageing factor. However, do not restrict yourself from using glittery and fun eyeshadows if you are dying to put them on.

    To do this, first give your eyelids a bold look with the use of bone-toned eyeshadow of a matte finish and then deepen the crease with a brownish matte colour. To finish it up, use a glittery or metallic shadow (with a light pat, not in large amounts) at the center of your lid.

    Making Your Eyes Look Youthful

    Bringing a youthful look to your eyes is a bit tricky, even if you wish to keep your eye look simple. Use a cream toned, light coloured eyeshadow, which possesses sparkle in little amount and use a precise eye brush. To the inner corners of your eyes, use a little bit of the shadow.

    A bit of shadow can also be used at the center of the lid and then under the brow bone. Use a nude coloured eyeliner. For a natural look, do not use a shadow with too much glitter. This can go even if you are not using makeup for the rest of your face. This eye makeup trick makes your eyes look big and bright.

    Choosing Cream Over Powder

    Usage of heavy powder can make you look older by settling down the fine lines on your face. Use a loose powder in slight amounts to set your makeup right. Pressed powder is heavy and controlling. Loose powders are easy to apply and you can even sweep away the excess amount of it from your face.

    You can use a liquid or cream blush of a light shade and a bronzer instead of the powder to finish your look. Women over 30 usually prefer the use of balm and gel blushes. This adds a natural flush to the skin colour and also plumps your skin.

    Lip Liner

    Bold lips are trendy. However, with age, fine lines can pop up around your lips, especially when you smile. So, achieving the perfect clean lip gets a little tricky. Using a lip liner comes handy here. Always line your lips before applying the lipstick.

    This keeps your lipstick in place and makes it look clean. Follow up with a concealer or a skin colour-toned liner. This conceals the fine lines and makes your lips look plumper. You can make your lips appear fuller by applying the skin-toned liner at the bottom of your lips.

    Using A Spray

    Your skin always wishes to stay well hydrated. The trick behind keeping your makeup intact the entire day is ensuring hydration. Ageing skin requires additional moisture.

    Use rose water or water spray after you have applied makeup and are ready to leave home. Spraying your face ensures that your makeup does not dry out. Your face thus looks young and glowing.

    Taking Off Makeup

    Once you reach 30, caring extra for your skin is essential. Always remove your makeup before hitting the bed at night. You should no longer (even if you have done it in your 20s) sleep with a face full of makeup.

    Makeup when left on your face for too long creates more fine lines on your face. So, you should always remember to wash it off at the end of the day.

    As we all know, age is just a number and there is nothing wrong in ageing. Everybody ages. However, the idea is to age gracefully and you can definitely do it by knowing and following the basic makeup and beauty tips that will ensure that no matter where you go and at what time of the day, you always look fresh, youthful and glowing.

    Apart from getting your makeup right, another factor that can ensure your skin stays healthy is your diet. Always ensure a nutritional and healthy diet intake. Also, drink plenty of water, at least 8 glasses daily, to keep yourself hydrated from within.

    A good 8 hours of sleep is essential, especially if you wish to get rid of the annoying under-eye circles and puffiness.

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    Also, always use a good sunscreen lotion when stepping out during the day. You wouldn't want to harm your skin by getting it excessively tanned. Follow a good skin-care regime daily, which would include a good quality face wash, scrub, toner and moisturizer.

    You deserve to stay beautiful, no matter how old you are. Take out a couple of minutes every day and care for your skin. This will make sure that you age gracefully with a skin that looks much younger than actual.

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    Story first published: Monday, June 25, 2018, 16:00 [IST]
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