Author Profiles

Syeda Farah Noor
Content Executive
An on-the-go writer, in quest of finding and writing bizarre, true incidents that would impact a reader's mind. A person crazy about Golden shoes!
Devika Tripathi
Senior Fashion Writer
Hi! I am Devika Tripathi! My friends call me Mozzy and don' ask me why they call me that. I love all things fashion, pastel shades, textiles, Bob Dylan, cactus, exploring new places, hiking, waffles, red wine, and walking in the rain (not when there is a heavy downpour).
Asha Das
Content Writer
Asha Das is Content Writer in our Boldsky section.
Neha Ghosh
Feature Writer
A feature writer by profession, a peculiar thinker, a foodie and an avid traveler.
Amritha K
Content Writer
With an experience of 5 years as a content writer and editor, Amritha Krishnan specialises in the areas of health and wellness and lifestyle, and takes up journalistic writings on interesting & resourceful events. Having worked as a Research Analyst for 3 years, Amritha makes sure that the articles written by her are well-studied and grounded in theory. An ardent lover of animals and an environmental ninja, she spends her time outside the office for animal care and rescue, and raise awareness on climate justice.
Monika Khajuria
Content Writer
A make-up junkie, Monika Khajuria delves into a variety of make-up, hairstyles, skincare, haircare and lifestyle topics. She makes sure that her articles are well-researched, engaging and refreshing for the readers. A dreamer, foodie and an avid reader, Monika likes to spend her leisure time reading books while sipping a cup of piping hot tea.
Sowmya Shekar
Editorial Co-Ordinator
Sowmya Shekar is Editorial Co-Ordinator in our Boldsky section.
Prerna Aditi
Junior Content Writer
Having a year of experience in blogging, Prerna works as a Junior Content Writer and writes on relationship and issue related to it. She is an optimistic, believer in karma, nyctophile, sapiosexual and a late bloomer. She loves animals, nature and rain.
Shivangi Karn
Content Writer - English Boldsky
Shivangi Karn is a content writer at English Boldsky who specializes in health and news writing. Her articles are well-researched and have engaging content which shows her love for writing and learning new things daily. She is open to ideas and loves to work in a team. Shivangi is also a poet who loves to write snippets for her personal blog during leisure.
Aayushi Adhaulia
Junior Content Writer-Fashion & Beauty
Hey peeps. I am a content writer who specializes in writing on Fashion & Beauty. While I am writing I make sure that my articles are worthy to read, creative, well researched, up-to-date and makes a good impact on readers. Apart from that, I am a dancer by passion and my Tiktok videos will surely make you get addicted to me. My dog and my family is the topmost priority for me.
Padmapreetham Mahalingam
Padmapreetham Mahalingam is Freelancer in our Boldsky section.
Ankita Mishra
Content Writer
Social media geek, pop culture junkie, firm believer of 'fashion is what you create for yourself.' I am not unfriendly, I just look like that!
Tanushree Kulkarni
Freelance Content Writer
Tanushree Kulkarni is Freelance Content Writer in our Boldsky section.
Deepannita Das
Associate Editor
Deepannita has 6 years of experience in reporting, writing and editing news and feature stories in both print and online media. As an associate editor, she believes cooperation and discipline in team can lead to best results. She ensures that reporters get to experiment with ideas and hone their skills in the best possible manner. Life is beautiful when one comes across people and become part of their simple yet wonderful journey. She also loves to write as it gives her a sense of belonging and freedom to express herself. She believes there is endless good to look forward to.
Ian Faria
Relationship Expert
Ian Faria is Relationship Expert in our Boldsky section.
Shweta Parande
Managing Editor
An Entertainment, Lifestyle & News Journalist, a Film Critic and an Editor for more than a decade, Shweta Parande now heads,, and (of the brand).
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