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Zodiac Signs Who Overspend Money


Do you also have that friend who says he/she has gone for shopping every time you call them up? Or that friend whom you meet every time you visit the shopping complex? Or is it you that everybody calls a 'shopaholic'?

Astrology says there are six zodiac signs who spend a lot. Here is the list of such people. Take a look.



The impatient and impulsive Aries, have to be there on the list. They are mature enough to plan their expenditures of the month, execute the plans and walk accordingly. But the moment they see a dress that really appeals to them, they cannot wait long and want to grab it as soon as possible. Though the budget still stays, they tweak a tad bit as per their shopping temptations.

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Is the Leo friend of yours little upset today and you just can't see them like that? Well, hand over your debit card to them and the smile will be back. Leos just love shopping than anything else. While they like to shop for clothes more as compared to other accessories, they are too specific about brands as well.



Sagittarians do not keep a track of their expenses and rarely make a budget. As long as they have sufficient money flowing in, they would buy the costliest dresses, and book expensive hotels and flights. They love adventure and live it for as long as possible, since money is not a big concern for them.



They love fun as well as charity. A sufficient share of their money goes into either of these two. Like Aries, they might also become impulsive and spend their money. They do save, but only for a very important reason. Otherwise, they earn and just spend.



Aquarians' money also get spent faster, but guess where, in investments. If they have to buy, they would buy products made with new technology. So you can reach out to them if you have a start-up idea in mind. The idea of going big with their money satisfies them.



Pisces also spends much. But they might not spend it on themselves. The moment they see their friends, relative or even a stranger out there in need of money, they will lend a helping hand. They end up spending their money on their friends, without expecting anything in return.

Story first published: Friday, March 15, 2019, 18:00 [IST]