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Zodiac Signs Who Make The Best Moms


How well can you take care of a kid? How much does that kid like you back? Do you often like spending time with toddlers in your neighbourhood? Or you just run and escape them because they are just a nuisance? Well, here are some astrological predictions of how good a mom you can be based on your zodiac sign.



Arians, the leaders, want order. While they give sufficient space to the innocence and mischiefs of their kids, they also want them to perform every activity and study every subject. Much as themselves they want their kid to know everything and excel very well in one chosen field. They help them with everything, but all they want is good results.



Who does not know that Taureans are blessed with abundant patience? They seldom get annoyed, but once they do, it is helluva difficult to calm them down. They take strict decisions when angry. Taurus moms patiently nurture their kids, observing and understanding their every need. Sometimes they can become overpampering.



It is nothing less than a wonder how a Libran can be so perfect when it comes to maintaining a balance in life. They are peace lovers, remain calm and do not punish their kids. They just let the kid grow in the most natural way without imposing their own desires on them. However, there are some Librans who excessively shower love over their kids that their personal space might be lost.



The mom with rules, Capricorn, might also behave much like an Arian sometimes. She takes motherhood as seriously as her work. She appears quite serious on the outside, and is always ready with help for the kid. She can never make a mistake in her job as a mother, as she sees it.



A Piscean is known to be an emotional person. She showers the baby with loads of love and is too sensitive to their kids' emotions. Since they are nature lovers and have an inclination towards arts, they try to impart similar qualities in their kid as well.

Story first published: Wednesday, March 20, 2019, 17:38 [IST]
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