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Know By Your Zodiac Sign If Touch Is Your Language Of Love

By Ishi

Well, agreed that there are various ways of expressing love. But which one do you choose? While astrology can tell a whole lot about your present, past and future and even more about your personality, it can even tell a great deal about your ways of expressing your love.

While for some people it is just a two-minute talk that makes them feel loved, it might be a warm hug for the others. Some are perfectly happy understanding that language of the eyes and thus express their love. Among all the ways that love can be expressed, it is the physical touch that we are going to talk about. Know here if touch is your language of love as per your sun sign.


Aries: 21 March - 20 April

Well, for them action speaks better than words. It is their habit of expressing most of their sentiments through physical touch. It is so much in their blood that even when they do not intend, they might often touch your shoulders or hands while speaking to you. This holds true in expressing love as well. Be it going for a dinner while holding hands or going for an early morning walk holding hands, Aries feel loved and express love through physical touch is what you will always discover.

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Taurus: 21 April - 21 May

Well, Taureans look serious most of the time and never just by looking at them will you be able to make even the slightest guess about their personal life. They do not speak much about or express their personal life, especially their love life in public. It sometimes seems they are brilliant at the art of ignoring. Hence, many people fail to get their attention. But when it comes to their love partner, he/she knows well enough their language of physical touch and hence the partner is able to get all the attention of Taureans.

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Scorpio: 24 October - 22 November

Every Scorpio can master the art of speaking but when it comes to expressing their feelings of love, they prefer expressing it through physical touch. It is true they have a good sex drive, and also true is the fact that they use their hands and the entire body to show how they feel. Physical touch is a way to make them feel loved and a way for them to express their love.

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Sagittarius: 23 November - 22 December

Not so expressive, Sagittarians also take to physical contacts when they want to make you feel you are special for them. They can indulge in long talks and dominate you well in a debate, thereby giving a good competition to the Scorpios, but they would not mind being dominated when it comes to expressing love, provided you express your love physically. It is not just their sensuality but their true affection also which makes them want to be given a friendly hug.

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