List Of The Most Toxic Zodiac Combinations

Do you know that there are certain people who you can totally not get along with? These are the individuals who may belong to the zodiac sign that your zodiac is not compatible with.

According to astrology, there are a few zodiac signs that are just not compatible with each other. Pairing of these zodiac combinations can only cause toxic relationships.

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Here, below, we've mentioned the most toxic combinations of zodiacs that can be highly difficult to get along with.

Check out these combinations.


Leo And Cancer

While Cancerians are known to have a soulful, deep connection with their loved ones, Leos, on the other hand, tend to have insecurities which can hamper the relationship. While the Leo individuals are extremely caring and loving, they flip during anger and that is something Cancerians do not like taking forward.


Capricorn And Aquarius

Both the zodiac signs have a determination power which attracts them to each other. At the same time, it is seen that their same interest can tear them apart as well. While the zodiac Capricorn is known to be the emotional investor, Aquarius is known to drive its relationship with practicality. Their determining approach to correct each other is something that can rip the relationship apart.

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Gemini And Virgo

Gemini individuals are known to be the dreamy ones, while on the other hand, Virgos are known to be emotionally detached, as they look out for practical ways out. Virgos are known to walk out easily and they leave behind a broken-hearted Gemini in most of the cases.


Aries And Libra

These signs are just like mirrors. They are so similar to each other and connected initially that it makes the relationship look all rosy, but their differences can leave them gasping for their individuality. Aries' stubborn nature and Libra's balancing nature of making things proper do not fall right in place. These clashes in nature can kill the relationship.

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Scorpio And Pisces

These zodiacs are a lethal combination, as both the zodiacs are extremely emotional, and highly suspicious of each other. While the Scorpions are known to be reckless in expressing their love, Pisceans are known to have an emotionally-oriented personality. Since Pisces roots for its own space, Scorpion's suspecting nature can suffocate their love and trust, which can eventually kill the relationship.

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Sagittarius And Taurus

While Taurus individuals believe in and appreciate the ‘delayed milestone' approach, Sagittarians are known to be the challengers who run out of patience with their partners or friends, as they look forward to catching up with rapidly changing times, while it is opposite with the Taurus sign. These clashes can instantly even break the relationship.

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    Story first published: Wednesday, March 7, 2018, 20:30 [IST]
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