Zodiacs That Come Together But Fizz Out Due To Compatibility Issues

We often feel perfect when we get along with a certain somebody. Things seem to work in our direction, as we feel that we are perfect. But when things go wrong, it makes us wonder what just happened and that can leave us quite unsure and confused in life.

But have you ever wondered that it could be due to your stars, or your zodiac compatibility as well?

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Check out the zodiac combos which initially get along really well but the love just fizzes out over a period of time.

Aries And Cancer

These signs are bound to get caught up in a heated affair which is full of passion initially. They will be so full of the high of the first glance love that it will take over their rational judgment and this might make them want to tie the knot, but they need to hold their emotions, as over a period of time, they'd realize that it was just the infatuation that has fizzled out. Over a period of time, they realise that they really don't have anything which holds them on together anymore.

Taurus And Sagittarius

These two zodiacs seem to feel attracted to each other in the beginning because of how different they are. It is their differences that makes it so charming for them and it attracts them to each other, initially. But soon, it starts to get on to their nerves. As Sagittarius are unpredictable and adventurous, Taurus on the other hand are grounded and stable. Taurus individuals seem to control Sagittarius, as there is nothing that can restrict them and this will be the main reason for their fall off.

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Gemini And Pisces

Pisces are too intense when it comes to being emotional; on the other hand, Gemini is more of a happy-go-lucky creed. Although Gemini may be interested in Pisces, this could be due to their inherent creativity. But this is something that will not last for long. The free-spirited nature of a Gemini is not something that goes well with a Pisces as they tend to feel jealous easily.

Cancer And Capricorn

This is another zodiac combo that gets attracted to each other by the heat of the moment. The kind of passion and promise of great sexual compatibility is something that brings these signs closer. But over a period of time, they will realize that they don't have much in common other than pleasures of the flesh. Apart from this, they are not always riding a high of a surge of hormones, hence they will find that their lifestyles are incompatible when it is compared with each other.

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Leo And Virgo

It gets very easy for a Leo to charm others. This is because their personalities are filled with confidence and grace. Virgos are known to be the hard workers and diligent, which Leo on the other hand enjoy quiet doings. The friction in the relationships seem to start when the Virgo refuses to budge when they are right and instead point to the flaws of the Leo. On the other hand, Leo individuals are unacceptable that someone else should find them lacking, hence clashes arise!

Virgo And Aries

While the Virgos have the streak of rebellion and adventure, Aries on the other hand are very tempting. They find themselves falling for Aries too hard and too soon. But soon, they will find that the spontaneity of Aries is not something that will settle well with their own methodical approach to life. They seem to be more about research and they are well prepared, while Aries seem to take life as it comes to them.

Libra And Capricorn

The attraction between a Libra and Capricorn seems to be mutual. But they seem to be incompatible with long-term plans, as Libras seem to be quite lazy. They will definitely not be able to change their ways for the more organized Capricorns and this will only lead to arguments between the couple. Parting ways is the best option for these individuals.

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Scorpio And Sagittarius

These individual signs come together by throwing caution to the wind and more or less turning a deaf ear to the warnings of their friends and well-wishers. As Scorpios seem to be possessive, they like the comfort of the home and they are more about having a family-oriented life, and they expect the same from their partners. But this does not go well with the wanderlust-bitten Sagittarius, as they feel restricted and cramped.

Sagittarius And Cancer

This pairing seems to be a source of lot of gossip and drama for their friends. Both the signs have the same rebellious streak and the same need to be the one in control. While they will have some really intense and passionate moments together, their constant deception and cheating will take its toll on the relationship, as they will find themselves on entirely different paths of life.

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Capricorn And Pisces

Both these signs make a powerful couple, which everybody looks up to. They will be the most loved and respected couple in their social group. While the pragmatic Capricorn seems to be balanced well, Pisces are whimsical and creative individuals. These characteristics seem to have brought them together, as the perfect balancing act starts driving them away from each other.

Aquarius And Leo

This combination also makes it to the list of a power couple. Both these signs have charisma that grabs attention naturally. While Leo loves to crave attention, Aquarius, on the other hand, seems to be more interested in subtlety. Over a period of time, this relationship will soon have problems, as they have a different outlook towards life.

Pisces And Aries

Pisces seem to be sensitive and caring people, while Aries on the other hand are blunt and straightforward. This nature is something that will cause many problems within their relationship. While one of the partners cannot agree to the way the other thinks, problems can arise.

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    Story first published: Monday, April 16, 2018, 16:13 [IST]
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