The New Moon Turns Over A New Leaf In Your Love Life This Weekend!

There is a lot of relief that each zodiac sign is going to experience this Sunday, Mercury goes direct on the Aries new moon!

There are many changes that will happen in each zodiac sign's love life. From all the struggle that you have been going through, to the tough days ahead, these predictions reveal it all!

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Check out on how your love life would change with the new moon's transition in Aries...


As the new moon resets itself in your zodiac sign, you are ready to take over the world in the best possible way. It is time for you to step into your power and not hold back. The world wants what you have to give. You are going to have to learn new ways of doing things, but this new path will lead you to the top and your love life seems to be in its best phase.


Venus seems to trine Mars! Be it sexually or professionally, the energy level seems to be great for you. You get what you want. You will be clear about what that is and when you refuse to settle for anything less, it will help you know what's on your mind.

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Mercury seems to get direct in your sign! After all the struggle, you will feel like a total head case, as you will finally start thinking clearly. Now it is time that you speak your truth and don't hold back on your emotions! Remember, there is only one time for the people who accept you just as you are.


The new moon helps you bring in a new you! You need to go after the big career dream, and having romantic partners is great. You know that they aren't essential for what's to come. You become so focused on yourself and your needs that it makes it hard for you to connect sexually with your partner.

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The sun, moon, and also the Uranus seem to come together to give you a big confidence boost and tons of clarity during this weekend. All that you need to do is set an intention for what you want to build going forward and pat yourself on the back for how far you have come. Don't forget to show your love some extra appreciation!


The Aries new moon seems to bring in the much needed magic and hot sex back into your life, but on the other hand, you need to remember that you have to make space for magic. Remember to loosen up your schedule, and ditch the to-do list and spend time with your partner.


As the Venus trines Mars in Capricorn, it is a perfect time for spending some great time with your loved ones. You will see an increased stability heading your way, and this time it actually supports your ambitions. Prepare to get what you want. On the other hand, make sure that energy is headed in the direction you desire and have a clear intention about what you want and how you want to be treated!


The Aries new moon seems to connect you to yourself. You are connected as you are here to serve. Remember that you need to give the world everything you have got, but don't forget to give to yourself too. It's time to start new trails and do things differently than how you've been doing them. Go ahead and embrace the unknown, as this is the perfect time for you to venture out and mingle with new people.

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The new moon seems to mark a new start in love! Rejoice in this new cycle in your relationship by having fun! Just go with the flow. On the other hand, find real stability in love by finding excitement in the little things and not just the big moments.


Neptune sextiles Mars and this seems to bring in the extra dreamy quality to life and love. You seem to be more connected to magic and intuition in this current period. Remember, you cannot keep doing things the same way. Be different! And be bold!


The Aries new moon is seen falling on your ruling planet, Uranus. This is almost like a mini Aquarius new moon but with all the fire and courage of Aries. Now is the time when you need to stop holding back on things and express out your emotions. On the other hand, you may be aggressive and overly impulsive and choosing something that does not seem to be smart in the long term is a no big deal for you.


The Aries new moon gives you an especially huge confidence boost. You seem to have realized your worth and choose from here. There may be a major push towards personal healing as well coming up your way.

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    Story first published: Saturday, April 14, 2018, 12:50 [IST]
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