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Venus Transit In Scorpio: In What Ways It Will Be Affecting Different Zodiac Signs

In Vedic Astrology, the planet Venus is believed to be the benefactor of all kinds of comforts. When placed in the favourable positions, the planet Venus blesses one with a happy and comfortable life. This year Venus will be leaving its own sign Libra to transit in Scorpio on 11 December 2020. The transit will take place at 05:04 am on 11 December 2020. Since the Scorpio is said to represent water element, with the presence of Venus, it will affect different people in different ways.

Therefore, today we are here to tell you in what ways this Venus transit in Scorpio will be affecting different zodiac signs. In order to read more, scroll down the article to read more.



People who were born under the effect of this sign, the lord of their second and seventh house in their horoscope is Venus. Due to this, Venus has an extensive indulgence in the lives of these people. Since this transit will take place in the eighth house of these people and the house symbolises evil thoughts and sudden activities, this transit won't be beneficial for these people. However, the presence of Venus in the eighth house of these people isn't that bad.

During this transit, you are advised to look after your health. Even a little carelessness and involvement in luxury can lead to certain problems in your life. You need to look after your eating habits. If you are into business, you may come across some ups and downs. However, if you are into a serious relationship, your partner may invite you to meet his/her family.

Therefore, you are advised not to invest money without doing a proper market analysis. With the right planning and patience, you will be able to make high profits.



As this sign's ruling planet is Venus, any transit of this planet is said to be quite significant for people belonging to this sign. The Venus transit in Scorpio will be taking place in the seventh house of your horoscope which further represents your reputation in the society, long-term partnerships, import-export and your marital life. This transit will be bringing soeme favourable results for you.

During this transit, your health will improve and you will recover from chronic diseases, if any. People will be drawn towards you. Thanks to your dynamic and attractive personality. This transit will favour you financially and bring profits to your business.

If you are married, then this is the time when you will be able to enjoy your marital bliss. Love will deepen between you and your partner. You will be able to spend more and more romantic time with your partner and this will eventually help in strengthening your bond with your partner. However, you need to stay cautious as your enemies and opponents will try their best to bring you down and cause troubles to you.



This transit will take place in the sixth house of your horoscope and this house represents struggles, conflicts, enemies, loans, opponents and physical problems. Since Venus won't be positioned in the favourable house in your horoscope, this transit will bring various troubles in your life. You may incur some urinary tract infection and therefore, you need to take better care of your hygiene and eating habits.

You will be spending more and more money during this transit and this can further lead to extreme financial crisis. Therefore, you are advised to look after your finances in a strategic manner and plan your budget appropriately. Students will benefitted from this transit and will get desired results. Still, they need to work hard and focus on their studies.

If you are a parent, you will be pleased to see your children giving their best in their field of education. Those who are into relationships, will have a great time. They will be able to spend some good time with their beloved.



Those who belong to this sign, for them this transit is going to bring a favourable time. This transit will be taking place in the fifth house of your horoscope and thus it will be bringing a good time in your life. You will be able to take better decisions in your life. Not only this, but this transit will be favouring your relationships, children as well as your artistic skills.

You will be pleased to know that during this phase, all your disputes and conflicts with your partner will get resolved. You and your partner will come closer to each other and this will mke both of you quite happy.

During this phase, you will be able to generate new means of income which will in return favour your financial situation. This will transit will help you in expressing your artistic skills in a better way. As a result, people will appreciate your efforts and skills and will encourage you for unleashing your hidden talents.

For married people, this is going to be a good phase. You will be pleased to see the development of your children. They will learn new things and express their intelligence and understanding towards various things in life.



For people belonging to this zodiac sign, the transit will take place in the fourth house of their horoscope which symbolises contentment and mother. This is the house that provides insights related to one's mother, prosperity, happiness, and all kinds of property. During this phase, you will find yourself genuinely happy and cheerful. You will be able to gather items that woud add to your comfort level.

You may purchase some new electronic items such as TV, washing machine, etc. you may spend your money for the renovation work of your house. However, there will be times when you may argue with some of your family members.

At your work place too, you will be having a good time and all your endeavours may come true. Still, you need to focus more and more on your work to deal with some unexpected and adverse conditions. Your personal and professional life will get better in the course of time. Your mother's health will improve during this phase.
In addition to this, your family's over all income will increase, thus bringing a financial stability. Your family's reputation will also grow during this phase and things will seem to be more organized in the family.



For people belonging to this sign, Venus is the friendly planet of their ruling planet Mercury. This transit will take place in the third house of your horoscope. With the transition of Virgo in the third house, things will take a beautiful turn in your life. You will be working hard to get what you desire for. Your love life will be benefitted during this phase. Most of your pending work will finally come to an end. Your social status will improve during this phase thus bringing name and fame to you.

During this phase, you will be helping your younger siblings and providing them the needed financial support. Not only this, but you will also help others and provide them a strong support. You will be visiting various religious places and may go on a short trip as well. On the faily front, you will be taking your siblings and cousins for dinner or a movie, thus, strenghtening your bond with them.

However, during this phase you may ask your neighbours and relatives to stop interfering in matters related to you. You are advised not to interven in anyone's matter. Moreover, behave nicely with your coworkers and seniors at your work place.



This tansit will bring several positive results for you. You will be gaining wealth and your source of income will improve as well. Thus your financial situation will improve. Your in-laws may provide you various luxurious things that would add to your comfort level. You will be able to resolve a long-standing conflict with your family members and relatives.

Your relatives will be able to understand you in a better way and this help you in gaining the required attention from your folks. But there can be times when you need to be a bit strict and rude to make things work in the right manner.

However, during this transit your mind will be inclined towards various materialistic comforts and thus, you will be spending money lavishly. Since you will be staying affluent during this phase, therefore things may not seem to be stressful to you. You will succeed in business and thus you will be making huge profits.



Those who were born under the effect of this zodiac sign will be having a good time during this transit. They will be spending money on various source of entertaiment. You will be working hard to improve your personality and thus, you will spending a good amount on clothes and cosmetics. Though these will add to your expenses, you won't care much as you will find yourself happy after a long time.

Those who are married will get to enjoy their married life in a better way. They will be able to resolve all kinds of dispute with their spouse and partner. Love and romance will blossom in theirrelationship. This will further strengthen their relationship and will bring them closer to each other. During this phase, your business will grow and you will be making huge benefits. However you need to avoid taking stress else it may affect your health in an adverse manner.



For people belonging to this sign, the Venus transit in Scoprio will be taking place in the twelfth house of their horoscope. The presence of planet Venus in the twelfth house of their horoscope will bring mixed results for these people. Since the twelfth house represents spendings, expenses, losses, health problems, sleep, left eye, foreign travels, and sleep-related problems, you may come across issues related to the same. During this phase, you need to stay careful of your opponents and look after youself. Your opponents and enemies will try their best to bring you down and harm you financially and socially. There will be an unexpected rise in your expenses and this may stress you at times.

During this transit, you need to learn how to look after your priorities and handle your expenses. Otherwise you may land up in severe financial issues. You may also suffer some physical problems as well. Therefore, you are advised to take care of your eating habits and stay alert while spending money. Things may not be favourable from your maternal side.



Those who belong to this sign, they wil be hosting this transit in the eventh house of their horoscope. Since the eleventh house governs your alll kinds of benefits, objectives, ambitions and achievements in life, the transit will be affecting the same.

This transit will prove to be quite beneficial for you and will bring you income overnight. During this transit you will be to fulfill your ambitions and this will encourage you to a great extent. This will also lead in increasing your reputation and social status. Not only this, but your financial position will also become quite strong.

If you are a parent, this transit will prove to be a great time for your children. They will be benefitted academically. In addition to this, if you are in any relationship, this transit will be helping you in overcoming the conflict, if any in your relationship. You and your partner will be coming close to each other and thus this will strenghten your bond with your partner.

If you had a wish to get enrolled into your dream college, then this transit will fulfill your wish for the same. You will be scoring good marks in your exams and will be able to foster a good bond with your seniors.



This transit will be bringing favourable results for people belonging to this zodiac sign. Since the transit will be taking place in the tenth house of these people, the transit will be affecting their business and profession in some way or the other. You will be seeing the effects of this transit on your professional life as well as business. You will come across opportunities that will help you in progressing significantly. Luck will favour you during this phase and will improve your financial conditions. This transit will bring you several appreciations at your workplace thus helping you in being in the good books of your managers and superiors. Still, you need to be cautious as there can be instances where even slight negligence can lead to huge troubles. Therefore, you need to avoid getting into any useless and unnecessary arguments or gossiping, as these may harm you in the long run.

The transit will also favour your family and you will get to experience harmony between your family members. Each of the family members will come together to evolve. You will also earn a huge profit in terms of business.



This transit of Venus in Scorpio will take place in the ninth house of your zodiac sign. Since your ninth house is all about luck and during this transit the Venus will be positioned in the right places, you will be affected from this transit in many ways.

Though your luck will favour you most of the time, you will experience some ups and downs in your life. You will be having huge financial benefits, which will help you in overcoming most of your financial challenges.

On the other hand, your father, a person equivalent to your father or Guru may suffer physical pain during this transit. As a result of this, you will be mentally disturbed. However, due to this transit, your siblings will be supporting and obeying you. You may think of going on a short trip with your siblings as well.

You may also enjoy a picnic or a short trip with your family members. You may go on long journeys as well. These will definitely lead to an increase in your expenses and thus you may feel stressed for the same. But then you need to understand that spending time with your family is bringing you happiness as well.

Story first published: Friday, December 4, 2020, 19:30 [IST]
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