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Venus Transit In Aquarius 2021: Know How It Will Be Affecting You

As we know that each planet transits into 12 zodiac signs throughout the year, the planet Venus will be transiting into Aquarius on 21 February 2021. The transit of Venus in Aquarius will bring various mixed results to different signs.

Venus represents beauty, desires and charm will affect different people in different ways while transiting into Aquarius which further represents social circles. In order to help you know in what ways the transit will be affecting you, read on.



For people belonging to this sign, the transit will bring prosperity and opulence. This is because the transit will take place in the seventh house of their horoscope and will hold a strong position in the horoscope of these people.

Those who are into business will be benefited and have their pockets full of money. People who are into the field of arts, fashion and creativity will come across many opportunities that will help them flourish throughout the year.

The life of these people will be full of happiness and comfort during this transit. They will gain full support from their family members. Also, a great time that will see you enjoying quality time with your friends. Those who are willing to get into relationships, may find a potential partner. Married natives, will find themselves energetic and enthusiastic during this transit.



For people born under the effect of this sign, the transit will take place in the sixth house of the horoscope of these people. These people will be getting mixed results during this transit.

People need to work hard, especially at their workplace to prove their calibre. There could be a few reasons due to which one may not feel connected to his/her work. As a result, the person may not be sincere and serious about working. But you need to understand that this will hamper your productivity and efficiency. Your colleagues, bosses and other people at your workplace may dominate you. Therefore, you need to work on your weaknesses during this transit.

Those who are into business, should avoid taking any kind of loan. On the personal front, your life will be full of contentment and bliss. There could be times when you may increase your expectations from your beloved. Spend some quality time with your partner so that you make him/her feel special. This will ensure the longevity and strength of your relationship. Students need to work hard and concentrate on their studies.



People belonging to this zodiac sign will be hosting the transit in the fifth house of their horoscope. Since the house represents spirituality, fortune, higher education and luck. Since the position of Venus in the fifth house of an individual represents fortune and luck, the transit will prove to be quite auspicious for these individuals.

During this transit, you will receive help from your colleague or any other female officer. Those who were waiting for promotion or transfer may get the same during this transit. People looking for a job change or any job opportunity will surely get the same.

Those who belong to the merchant class, will make a good profit during this transit. They may get an opportunity to travel to a new place that will prove to be quite beneficial for these people.

Students willing to get admission to college and university, will get the same. They may also get an opportunity to study abroad.

Married couples will gain full support from their spouses during this transit. You will be spending good time together and this will eventually strengthen your relationship.



For those who were born under the effect of this sign, the Venus governs the fourth house of their horoscope which further represents luxury, happiness, popularity, land, mother and real estate. The transit will be taking place in the eighth house of their horoscope which symbolise sudden gains, longevity and transformation.

Thhe transit will help you in gaining sudden profits and establishing your monetary status. But during this time you will be spending a considerable money on your luxury and comfort. You will be finding ways to pamper yourself through different ways and that too, free of cost. Investing your money and time in the right way will help you in gaining all the way through your bank. You will be able to focus on other important things as well.

Married natives wille benefitted from their spouse in different ways. Those who are into committed relationship will be strengthening their bond with their partner in many ways. Students need to focus on their studies and aim for higher studies. They may get favourable results during this transit.

On the health front, you need to look after yourself as you may encounter issues related abdomen and UTI. drink plenty of water and avoid eating junk food. Take proper and adequate sleep and reduce usage of mobile and television.



For Leo natives, the Venus transit in Aquarius will be taking place in the seventh house of their horoscope. For single natives, the transit will prove to be extremely fruitful and beneficial. They may either get married or date someone during this transit and enjoy harmony and bliss in their relationship.

At times, you may feel low and demotivated at your work place which can result in increased frustration, decline in your productivity and efficiency. You may find it extremely difficult to have a happy and cordial relationships with your boss, colleagues and other workers at your work place. You are advised to stay calm, patient and honest at your work place as this will allow your boss, seniors and fellow-workers to understand and help you.

Some Leo natives may get into family business and prefer working alongside their father to enhance the legacy of their family and ancestors. But if you are into partnership business, you need to stay cautious and focus to avoid any dispute, ego clashes and unwanted losses. Else you and your partner may come across some dirty arguments. You can initiate business with your siblings, cousins and close friends.

Students who work hard will achieve good results through their hard work and efforts. You may also go through some complications related to skin, back and teeth. You are advised to eat healthy food and practice a healthy lifestyle.



People born under the effect of this sign will be hosting the transit in the sixth house their horoscope. The sixth house of Virgo natives symbolise pain, challenges, obstacles, enemies, diseases and debts. The transit may not bring positive results for people belonging to this sign. The Virgo natives will find themselves into some unexpected and unwanted clashes and arguments which will harm their peace of mind.

But you will be relieved to see your father getting success during this transit. On the relationship front, you may build some high expectations from your partner and this may affect your relationship in an adverse manner.

Those who into service sectors will be benefitted during this transit. However, the lack of recognition and appreciation at your workplace will make you frustrated and agitated. You may take out your agitation on your subordinates and peers due to which you may get stressed. You need to stay calm and focus on your work while making sincere efforts. This will help you in getting better results during the transit.

Transit is not a good time to invest in any property, financial scheme and real estate. You need to maintain a proper balance between your income and expenditures to avoid any mishappenings.



For Libra natives, the transit will bring favourable time in terms of their family and children. These people will get enough time to spend with their children as the Venus transit will benefit their love, romance, progeny, strategies, planning and ideas.

Working professionals born under the sign will come across ample opportunities to escalate their skills and experience. Those who are into business will make money and benefit themselves. This is going to be a great time in terms of monetary benefits for people belonging to the Libra sign.

Those who are looking forward to getting into a relationship will definitely find a potential and loving partner. Their life will be full of happiness, patience and cheer which will last for a long time. Committed natives will have a great time in their relationship and their partner will not only understand them but also appreciate them. Married natives may expect a child or become new parents during this transit.

Students will be working hard during this transit to achieve their academic goals and pursuit. They may try to get into creative fields such as arts, journalism, writing, media, etc.



The Venus transit in Aquarius will transit into the fourth house of your horoscope. Since the fourth house of your horoscope signifies partnerships, marital relationships, expenditures, comforts, happiness, land, real estate, mother's health and journeys, the transit will affect the same.

During this transit, the environment at your home will be full of contentment, bliss, happiness and harmony. You will need to take care of your mother's health during this transit. Those who are staying in any foreign country or at a place away from their house may feel like returning to their native place. You will be pleased to see your spouse gaining success and enjoying comfort and luxury. You may look forward to buying new gadgets, vehicles, land or property. But you need to stay away from spending money unnecessarily.

Those who are into a relationship will build a stronger level of trust and bond with their partner. If you are willing to get married in the coming years, then you may come across some good proposals. You will be enhancing your relations with your colleagues at your workplace and this will help you in gaining flexibility and adaptability.



During this transit, the Venus will be transiting in the third house of their horoscope which further symbolises efforts, siblings, courage, communication and short trips.

During this transit, you may come across opportunities to travel and gain monetary benefits. You will be able to improve and strengthen your relationship with your siblings and cousins during this transit. They will provide you full support and would help you when needed. You may also have a great time with your family members and friends. You will get some opportunities at social media, networking channels and the internet to showcase your talent and skills.

The transit will bring many good results related to your job. You may get an opportunity to work in organisation and multinational companies. You will be able to enhance your professional skills. You will be working hard to improve your communications with your sub-ordinates and fellow-workers. Your boss, colleagues and partners will help you achieve success in your career.

During this transit, your love life will blossom. Thus, you will be able to enjoy some quality time with your partner. Your beloved will shower gifts and his/her love on you.



For Capricorn natives, the Venus will be transiting in the second house of their horoscope. As a result, the transit will bring beneficial results for these natives.

On the professional front, you will be getting great job opportunities and this will really make your feel motivated. Those who were waiting for increment or promotion will get the same.

Those who into business, are likely to get benefited during this transit. The position of Venus in the horoscope of these natives will enhance their abilities to plan and execute things. These people will be able to make profitable deals with their partners. They may also accomplish their pending tasks with ease.

On the personal front, you will be spending quality time with your partner and spouse. If you have been looking forward to expanding your family then the time is right for you. Not only this, but you may be investing money in purchasing gadgets and some other expensive things. During this transit, you will be enjoying luxurious and delicious food. As a result, your expenditure may increase considerably.

Students may score good grades in their exams. This will boost up their confidence level and make them feel proud of themselves.



For Aquarians, the Venus will be transiting through the ascendant house. The transit will hence bring positive and favourable results for these people.

On the professional front, you will be gaining recognition, cooperation and support from your seniors. You will be benefited from business trips and thus, you may make good deals during this time. On the financial front, the transit will help you in increasing your wealth. Financially, this period will see an increase in your income and wealth. Some natives may gain through sales. These people will benefit from their mothers. Luck and fortune will always be on their side.



For people belonging to this zodiac sign, the Venus transit will be taking place in the twelfth house of their horoscope. The twelfth house of these people's horoscopes symbolise foreign travels, loss and expenditures. These people may get into unnecessary expenses as these natives may look forward to increasing their comfort and luxuries. You need to keep a track of your expenses while you pamper yourself.

Your siblings may look forward to receiving monetary and economic support from you. Your sibling may go abroad for further study or any other work-related matter. You may also get into some unwanted travels which may lead to wastage of your money and energy. On the health front, you need to take full care of yourself. You need to take a proper and healthy diet. Try to indulge in meditation, yoga and practice healthy eating habits.

You need to work hard to excel at your workplace and gain success in your career. You can consult your mentor, seniors, parents and well-wishers to gain some insights. You need to remain cordial and friendly with your female colleagues else you may end up in some unexpected troubles.

Story first published: Saturday, February 20, 2021, 17:35 [IST]