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Valentine's Day: Date Ideas Based On Astrology

By Ishi

Valentine's Day is just around the corner and we are sure you have planned what you should be buying for your partner this year. If you have not yet, then our post can help you find that out as per your zodiac sign. But how and where are you going to express your love through your Valentine's gift?

Well, in this post today, we are going to find out what should your plan actually be on Valentine's Day, that too as per your zodiac sign.

Yes, your zodiac sign can help us find out how you should make the day special for your beloved. Read on.



Around the end of January only will you have realised your true feelings for the person you admire the most. While you do not need to make major plans, writing a letter in your hand to your special one will, of course, leave a special impact. Thank them for being there in your life or say out your feelings of love to them if you haven't yet.



The stars are positioned such that you might find it difficult not to think with absolute logic in everything these days. With a logical mind being very active this year, you should go out and spend some relaxation time through adventure games with your partner. Escape room games should satisfy the need.



While luck will favour you in terms of strengthening your relationships, you might also want to spend some time with a person who is very serious in his intentions. The best option would be going to the theatre in order to spend some good time together.



With the time being near Purnima, you will feel highly emotional and sensitive towards your love. Why not give these overflowing emotions some directions. Watch a good movie at home with your partner.



It seems Leos have been avoiding a few things that they wanted to do, since quite some time. Hence, you can use the day to fulfil that wish of yours in the company of your most special person in life. You can go for plans such as a weekend road trip, which Leos definitely have as a hidden desire of their heart. You can also go for indoor skydiving, trampoline park, etc.



Well, being a Virgo, it seems you want to spend most of your day at home only this time. No worries, we have an idea that perfectly suits your nature of noticing the minutest details in a thing. So the best idea for a Virgo would be that they play some guessing games and puzzles with their partner or friends. Filling some glasses with all sorts of wines and guessing the names or differences would be a fun idea.



Analysing the position of Saturn, Librans seem busy lately because of their high career goals. Well, how about the idea of seeing the sunrise together as you wake up in the morning? Sounds romantic enough! A meet up in the evening for sighting the sunset together would add to the fun and the love that you both have nurtured.



Scorpio, you are the charm of the party always. On this Valentine's Day, along with spending some time with your partner, you should spend some time with your friends as well. Why not host a Valentine party? Or you can simply invite them to spend some time together and play exciting indoor games.



Jupiter being in your favour and showering good luck throughout the year, especially in February, you will enjoy fortune during the entire month. How about going out and playing some super enthusiastic game and thus spending some valuable time with your special one?



With such being the position of the stars on 14 February, and Saturn causing a major effect, you will probably have a much serious and a mature perception of life. If you feel that your feelings of love for a person are genuine and serious, then go ahead. Call them up and ask to meet you up at their favourite dessert place and say off all that the heart holds.



With such being the position of the stars, your focus during the year 2019 is more on growth. Hence, you seem to be quite practical this year. But you should take a break from this attitude on this Valentine's Day. You can take your beloved for a walk. While the place should be that graced with greenery so that the thoughts and reactions all are fresh, natural and positive.



The planet Jupiter can be seen intertwining paths with you this year. Jupiter is called the planet of luck. Hence, rest assured as your partner will make you feel special this year, as you will receive all the importance and attention from them. You can plan a couple's retreat together or have a spa day.

Story first published: Monday, February 11, 2019, 17:15 [IST]
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