Individuals Of These Zodiac Signs Have The Strongest Sense Of Intuition

Do you know that some people have the psychic ability of guessing things in the right way? These individuals are blessed with strong intuitive powers. They can tell when people are lying or may be they can even dream about things that can come true in the future.

Do you know that your guessing or intuition power is related to your zodiac sign? Well, there are only 5 zodiac signs which are the lucky ones that are known to possess intuitive powers of guessing what goes on in the minds of others, as they have the best and strongest intuition powers.

Check out if your zodiac sign also falls in this category of having the best intuition power.


Gemini: May 21-June 20

Their intuition levels are the best when things become a bit too tense. When they are caught in a bad situation, they can guess ahead of it. On the other hand, they are great at communicating their intuitions to others, as it avoids the upcoming problems.


Scorpio: Oct 23–Nov 22

These individuals are so passionate that their gut is like a second brain which is constantly operating at full capacity. They have a great ability to read other people's mind and find out their true intentions. They are so good at judging the character of a person that their intuition finds the best qualities in the people they are judging on. Apart from this, they also have a great sense of knowing who is being fake.

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Sagittarius: Nov 22–Dec 22

These individuals are intuitive when they are able to meditate. There are times when they decide to sleep on a decision and wake up with a clear vision for the path ahead. Sometimes, their intuitions tell them that it's best to play things by ear and not decide by the heart.


Aquarius: Jan 20–Feb 18

These individuals are considered to be the most intuitive of all the zodiac signs. This comes as a surprise to most; but it is a fact. Their intuitions have the ability to guide them through any given situation.

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Pisces: Feb 18–Mar 20

These individuals are very intuitive and intellectual by nature. They are always very reflective, contemplative, and thoughtful as individuals. They feel like they have a spiritual connection to the people that they meet in their day-to-day lives. They are always open-minded and follow their heart. Their intuition flows straight from their heart.

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    Story first published: Wednesday, December 20, 2017, 19:30 [IST]
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