Astro Experts Reveal The Dark Side Of Each Zodiac Sign; Read Here

We all have both positive and negative traits in our personality. These traits define our personality and they are way much related to our zodiac signs.

Here, in this article, we are sharing the dark side of each zodiac sign. These are the traits that help us understand our own flaws and weaknesses and help us become a better person.

We cannot ignore the dark side of ourselves because it is a part of what makes us what we actually are! Instead we need to accept, understand and use it to help us in achieving our goals!

Check out the dark side of your zodiac sign...



They are the most impulsive and impatient of all the zodiac signs. These individuals tend to be immature. If they do not initiate an idea, they would not agree with the ones who initiate an idea before they did. Apart from this, they are prone to childish remarks when they get their feelings hurt as well.



They are possessive and materialistic. They are also stubborn and can be overly self-indulgent and lazy in doing chores. There would be times when they need to be forcefully taught the golden rule of being humble in life.

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These individuals are like different personalities rolled into one. They enjoy tons of different interests and tend to consider themselves the master of all of them. They love to talk so much and they tend to be arrogant. They think they know it all and are not shy about it. On the other hand, they can also be unreliable.



They are known to be nurturing and affectionate, and this also means that these individuals are extremely emotional and sensitive. They are moody, cautious and timid to the point where it becomes difficult to get them to move out of their comfort zone. They tend to easily get offended.



They tend to be charming and lovable, but the actual truth is that they love themselves the most. They tend to demand attention and will also try to be the center of attraction all the time. They love it when everything revolves around them. On the other hand, if they start feeling ignored, they will throw a tantrum.



The individuals of this sign tend to be much more judgmental than the other signs. They are perfectionists and, on the other hand, they tend to be judgmental and pessimistic to the point where they would think that the world is going to end, when they are down. They have incredibly high, unreasonable standards for everyone and everything in their life. In their own eyes, they're flawless and everyone else needs to change, is their opinion.



They are indecisive and spend a lot of time preparing and studying for every little thing. They will do anything to keep the peace to the extent where they even are willing to abandon their own values. They are fascinated with beauty and will spend hours to get ready to go out. On the other hand, they panic at the thought of commitment and they are not very good at keeping promises.

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They are passionate but tend to be manipulative and fiery. Bad moods are a baseline for these individuals. They are very unforgiving and if you wrong them, then they will make your life miserable! They will over-react with a fury unlike any other, for things that they do not like.



They are well known for being blunt. They tend to be know-it-alls and can easily get bored. They are very self-righteous and often lack good social etiquettes. They do not pick up cues when they are being blunt or rude, as they simply don't care much about the other person.



They are known to be controllers. They do not really go with the flow. They are often seen using people for their own benefit and thrive on gossip and negativity. Apart from this, they thrive on negativity and they will not think twice about others for their own benefit.

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They think they are logical and smart, as they are quick to judge others. They spend a lot of time living in their own heads and seem to get detached easily. On the other hand, they often give good advice but, at the same time, they never imply it. They tend to get so eager to give advice that they often do not let the other person talk.



They lack direction and tend to accidentally stay aloof. They are supposed to be the oldest and wisest sign, yet they tend to be gullible. They just love to go with the flow.

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    Story first published: Thursday, January 11, 2018, 19:30 [IST]
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