Ways In Which Individuals Can Lie Based On Their Zodiac Sign

Do you wonder why each of us lies? Most of the times, we tend to lie when we need to avoid any unwanted situation or to avoid getting caught in a trap.

But do you know our lying patterns are also related to our zodiac signs as well? Well, we are here to reveal to you the fascinating details as to why each person tends to lie based on his/her zodiac sign.

zodiac sign and lies

Individuals lying can be related to each of the zodiac sign's pattern and each zodiac sign has its own fascinating specific reason that makes the individuals lie.

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So, go ahead and read about the different reasons which make each zodiac individual lie...

Aries: March 21-April 19

Aries individuals are not into lying. Lying does not serve a purpose for them. This is mainly because they have no patience for the drama that would enfold when they are caught in a lie. Hence, lying is not a cup of tea for these individuals.

Taurus: April 20-May 20

Taurus individuals are the stubborn ones. These individuals prefer things to go their way and if it means that they have to tell a little white lie to get their work done as per their needs, they would do it.

Gemini: May 21-June 20

Gemini individuals are mostly mischievous and they love the attention from people. They have a wild imagination, hence they are great in making up stuff instantly and the worst is that people tend to believe them!

Cancer: June 21-July 22

Cancer individuals are loyal and caring in general. They will only lie to protect their loved ones, whether it is from someone else or from their own feelings. For these guys, it is more of a way to reassure themselves that everything is fine, even though it is not.

Leo: Jul 23-Aug 23

Leos love the attention from people around them. When these individuals tell a lie, it means that they start off as truth, but the truth seems to be very much exaggerated. The more amazed their audience is, the more exaggerated their lies become.

Virgo: Aug 24-Sept 23

Virgo individuals do not lie. They would rather focus on the situation at hand than create stories. However, if the truth is standing in the way of resolving a situation, then there are chances that they are considering all the pros and cons before they lie.

Libra: Sept 24-Oct 23

Libra individuals are the most diplomatic zodiac signs. So, if they are caught in a situation where lying would benefit them and the others, they would lie without a second thought. On the other hand, unlike other signs like Gemini and Leo, their lies are somewhat believable.

Scorpio: Oct 24-Nov 22

Lying is a game that Scorpio individuals know to play really well. This is because of their observant nature. They can be suspicious and there are times when they are manipulative and this is something that allows them to analyse every angle of a situation and come up with the best lie to go with it.

Sagittarius: Nov 23-Dec 22

Sagittarius individuals do not lie. They tend to value their friendships and the people around them way too much. But if they are caught in a situation where they have to lie, then they don't play around and it will be the biggest lie known to mankind.

Capricorn: Dec 23-Jan 20

Capricorn individuals hate lying. They will not do it and would not hesitate to refuse you on your face. This is mainly because of their trustful nature. They are against lying in any form. On the other hand, if these individuals lie, it's not hidden for very long. They seem to feel too guilty and let the cat out.

Aquarius: Jan 21-Feb 18

Aquarians are creative and witty storytellers just like the Gemini guys. Their lies seem to be too good to be true, but they seem to deliver it so flawlessly that people end up believing in them. They are among the best liars amidst the rest of the zodiacs.

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Pisces: Feb 19-Mar 20

Pisces don't lie, as they are the most sensitive of the lot. But when they have to lie, they do it only for a good cause. It is either to protect themselves from being hurt or to protect their loved ones.

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