These Zodiac Signs Not Only Make Best Friends But Also Perfect Couples

By Needhi Gandhi

The matching of the zodiac signs for deciding a marital relationship has been a part of the Indian culture since ancient times. Till date, in many families, the parents of the brides and grooms meet and get the horoscopes of the couples matched by the professional astrologers before marriage.

It is believed that only the well matched horoscopes can ensure stable and happy marital relationships.

Actually, the zodiac signs of the people have great influence on their characters and thus, help in shaping up their lives. So some zodiac signs are more compatible with each other, while some sets of zodiac signs can have really hostile impact towards one another.

The romantic relationships are preferred to be based on love and trust for each other, which can be ensured if their zodiac signs are friendly towards one another as well.

So, it is better to be aware about the pairs of zodiac signs that can make the happiest couples.


Taurus And Virgo

The people born during April 20-May 20 are said to have the zodiac sign Taurus; while those born between August 23 and September 22 are categorized with Virgo. These two zodiac signs are believed to be highly compatible for each other, as both are earth signs, according to astrology. The couples having these two zodiac signs show great bonding among themselves and always stand firmly for one another in all circumstances of life.

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Aries And Libra

The people born during March 21-April 19 are said to come under the zodiac sign Aries; while those born at the period of September 23-October 22 are believed to be born with the Libra sign. The couples with these two zodiac signs bear similar nature regarding their love for parties and enjoyments. These people are highly energetic to enjoy together every bit of their life and also cheer up all other people around them.


Cancer And Scorpio

The people born between June 21 and July 22 are said to hold the zodiac sign Cancer; while the ones born on the days between October 23 and November 21 are counted as Scorpio. The couples with these zodiac signs are very understanding of each other and their whole aim is to make their partners happy. So, they also cherish their relationships with the families of their partners, which strengthen their mutual bonding of love and friendship.


Gemini And Pisces

The people born during the period of May 21-June 20 are categorized as the zodiac sign Gemini; while those born during February 19-March 20 are said to bear the Pisces sign. Both of them are very loving and caring in nature, which make them perfect couples. They enrich the best qualities of one another and remain faithfully attached to each other for their lifetime.


Sagittarius And Leo

The people born during the period of November 22-December 21 bear the zodiac sign Sagittarius; while those born at the time of July 23-August 22 hold the sign of Leo. Both these people are highly energetic in nature and thus, they share a wonderful chemistry for doing all the works together. Both of them like to achieve great things in life and fully support each other for that cause.

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Capricorn And Aquarius

Those people who are born during December 22-January 19 are categorized with zodiac sign Capricorn; while those born between January 20 and February 18 are counted among Aquarius. Both these types of people have much similarity in nature, regarding taking challenges in life and learning new things in every step. Thus, these people are found to be compatible for each other and become best friends very easily.


Libra And Taurus

The people with both these zodiac signs are found to admire each other a lot. Both love to stay indoors and enjoy a peaceful family life. Both of them prefer to avoid all kinds of troubles and this nature helps them in maintaining a harmonious conjugal life. Moreover, the accommodating nature of the Librans helps in coping up with the forceful nature of the Taurus people very comfortably.


Virgo And Capricorn

The people born with these zodiac signs hold the similar nature of being reasonable and calm at all circumstances. Both of them are humorous and entertaining, making perfect partners for each other. Both can depend on the other partner for any domestic or occupational business, as they are both serious about the work of the other partner.

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Leo And Aquarius

The people belonging to these zodiac signs are quite different from each other. But as both are generally lovable and liked by others for their open-mindedness, they often make good couples. Their differences in mental qualities often blend well with each other. They support one another, while retaining their own individuality and freedom in life.


Capricorn And Aries

The people born with these zodiac signs are both very practical and go-getter types. They prefer to focus on their tasks and remain determined in achieving success in whatever they do. Thus, as a couple, these people can work together for the same goal and with the same kind of enthusiasm. They are seen to boost each other's morality and help each other in all fields.

All the couples of these pairs of zodiac signs are known to have a healthy and successful marital life due to their compatible nature. What's yours? Let us know.

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    Story first published: Friday, January 19, 2018, 12:51 [IST]
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