One Thing You Can't Tolerate In A Relationship Based On Your Zodiac

By Shabana

Being in love is a bliss. A relationship provides us with security of a partner who we can fall to in case of emergencies. Sharing feelings with each other or even spending some time together doing things they love is what normal couples love to do.

When we are in a relationship, our happiness tends to multiply, whereas our sorrows divide. But everything in a relationship is not always rosy.

There are always two sides of a coin, same being the case with relationships too. Adjustments and sacrifices are a second nature to people in a relationship.

What You Can't Tolerate, As Per Zodiac

Sometimes, these things are necessary for a happy relationship. Also, mutual respect and understanding among each other is the essence of sustaining a happy relationship.

When you are in a relationship, you need to keep your partner's interest on top of yours. It is just a way of saying you care. Couples do small things for each other to keep the spark alive in a relationship. But arguments and issues are bound to creep in at some point of time.

According to relationship experts, the main cause of arguments in a relationship is due to a gap in communication. The couple should have strong channels of communication to keep any argument or misunderstanding at bay.

This immediately improves the health of the relationship. The other reason for issues in relationships is the negligence for each other's feelings.

While people usually go to any lengths to make their relationship work, there are a few boundaries of each partner that the other partner needs to recognise. And did you know that these boundaries can differ by your zodiac signs?

Yes, according to your zodiac signs, there are certain things that serve as a deal breaker in your relationship, something that you just cannot tolerate.

If you relate to this fact about your zodiac sign, it's time to clearly let your partner know about this and work towards mending the relationship and reaching a mutual ground.

Here is that one thing that you cannot tolerate in a relationship according to your zodiac sign.



Arians hate people who nag and complain about them constantly. You just cannot stand people who wish their lives would get better without actually putting much effort to do the same. You are independent and always have a tight schedule and you hate to be answerable to anybody.



These people are strict planners. They hate anyone who just cannot make up their minds. They also are very punctual with others and just cannot tolerate people showing up late.



Gemini are funny people and love adventure. What they cannot tolerate is someone who is stern and has absolutely no sense of humour. They also hate a monotonous schedule and feel pity for anyone with a boring 9 to 5 job.



Cancerians have extreme feelings and not everyone understands them. They may not be vocal about certain things that are bothering them, expect their loved ones who can read their mind. These people hate it if someone questions their emotions and terms them to be too needy, when in fact they are not. Cancerians also cannot tolerate logical people, as they think that emotions are what drive the world.



Leos are attention seekers. But what sets them apart is that they genuinely work hard to seek attention and their intentions are always right. These people just cannot tolerate anyone else stealing their thunder for whatsoever reason, even if it is someone they love.



Virgos are extremely positive people and always see the bright side of things. They like to take their fate in their own hands. The things that Virgos absolutely hate in a relationship is a pessimist partner and instability.



These people are introverts and like to remain in their own comfort space. They do not like it if their partners pursue them to try new stuff and drag them out of their comfort level. They also do not like people who are insensitive towards other's feelings.



Scorpio are sticklers for promises. They will always fulfil what they say. They hate partners who lie and cheat on them and this is something they absolutely can't tolerate.



Sagittarius are adventurous people. They would like their partner to accompany them on their adventurous trips. What they cannot stand in a relationship are people who judge others for no reason.



These are extremely well-behaved individuals who like to take things at their own pace. They like to enjoy simple pleasures of life and take one thing at a time. They hate a partner who is always busy and in a hurry to finish things. They also cannot tolerate ill-mannered individuals.



Aquarians are extremely creative people and hate partners who follow the traditional methods and refuse to try something new. You are a unique individual and expect your partner to be the same too.



Pisces are quiet people who think before acting, even under stressful situations. They realise that every individual is born with flaws and hate people who think that they are perfect, or someone who does not owe up to their mistakes. Someone who is emotionally negative and unavailable also repels them.

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