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Mercury Transit In Virgo 2020: In What Ways It Will Affect Different Zodiac Signs

As per the Vedic Astrology, Mercury is considered to be the Lord of Virgo and Gemini zodiac signs. It is believed that mercury can affect a person's life in both positive and negative manner, depending upon how it is placed in one's horoscope.The planet of wisdom and analytical skills will transit into its own sign Virgo on 2 September 2020. To know how it will be affecting you, scroll down the article to read more.



The Mercury Transit in Virgo will be taking place in the sixth house of your horoscope. Since the Sun is already positioned in the sixth house of your horoscope, thus the transit will bring some positive results in your life. This is the time when you will excel at your workplace. You may get promoted to a higher designation and those who are unemployed may get a new opportunity. On the health front, you will recover from illness and gain some health. But during this time, it is advisable to not take any loans and review your expenses and savings.



This zodiac sign will be hosting the Mercury transit in the fifth house of their horoscope. Since the fifth sign symbolises education, career, intellect and love for people belonging to this sign, the transit will be affecting the same. Due to this planetary movement, this transit will be benefiting the students. You will be able to spend good time with your love interest. Your love life will take a new turn as you will be able to resolve the disagreements and differences with your partner. You will be able to develop a better thinking approach that will further help you in solving your problems.



The Mercury transit in Virgo will be taking place in the fourth house of your horoscope. The transit will be affecting your comfort, luxuries and your mother's health. During this time, you will be taking part in some creative activities such as dancing, singing, and painting. You will be learning new things during this time. You will be strengthening your relationship with your mother. You are advised to take care of her health.
This is the time when you may invest your money in purchasing a new vehicle, car or some property. If you are married, then this transit will benefit your married life as well.



The Mercury transit in Virgo will be taking place in the third house of your horoscope. This transit will strengthen your relationship with your siblings and cousins. During this time, your communication skills will excel and you will be gaining recognition at your workplace and in your society. Not only this, but you will also meet new people and learn new things from them. You may go on a road trip as well. Due to an upsurge in energy and enthusiasm, you may end up having arguments with people around you on some topics. You are advised not to lose your cool and deal with any situation in a calm manner.



For Leo natives, the Mercury will be posited in the second house of your horoscope. Since this house symbolises your wealth, speech and family, you will be spending more and more time with your family members. You will be taking extra care of your family members and having open communication more often. However, on the financial front, you need to stay calm and manage your money in a better way. On the professional front, the mercury transit will favour you in many ways. Your pending work will yield positive results. Students will be working hard whereas married people may try to please their spouse.



Mercury is considered to be the master of this zodiac sign and this year the mercury transit in virgo will be taking place in the first place of their horoscope. You will be having a fruitful time and you will gain an insight to determine the loss and profit in your businesses. This will save you from many adverse situations. Despite the problems going on in your life, you will be able to maintain your positivity and thus this will help in making your environment joyous. People will admire your enthusiasm and positivity. During this transit, your immunity levels will be alright and you will be in the pink of your health.



Libra natives will be hosting the mercury transit in virgo in the twelfth house of their horoscope. People belonging to this zodiac sign need to stay careful as this house signifies losses and debts. During this phase, you need to stay cautious and positive as you may find yourself surrounded by many problems. You can take part in some religious activities and meditation to keep yourself positive and mindful for solving problems coming in your way. You may have an increase in expenses whereas you may not have sufficient income during this phase. Therefore, it is advisable that you keep a track of where and how much you are spending.



This transit will be taking place in the eleventh house of your horoscope and this house signifies your desires, elder siblings and friends. You will be benefited in many ways during this transit period. On the professional front, you will be able to excel more than before with the help of your talent and hardwork. But it is advisable that you avoid taking up the responsibilities of more than one task at a time. Not only this but you need to chuck the idea of gaining money through shortcuts. On the family front, things will be pleasant and full of harmony.



The mercury transit in virgo will be taking place in the tenth house of your horoscope. The tenth house of your horoscope symbolises your career and therefore, this transit will be affecting your career in a positive manner. Your style o f working and dealing with tricky situations will earn you praise at your workplace. Your seniors will be impressed by you and will encourage you. If you and your father were on bad terms with each other, then this period will improve the situation and will make things better. You will receive a great amount of support from your father. Those who are into business will give their best and earn profits.



The transit will move in the ninth house of your horoscope and since it signifies your religion, education and journeys, the effects will be the same. Natives of these signs will get an opportunity to acquire higher education. They will find it easy to understand difficult concepts and give their best. Students will be having a fruitful time in their academics. On the professional front, you will be able to impress your seniors and colleagues with your hardwork and presence of mind. If there was a tiff between you and one of your colleagues, then this is the time when you can initiate reconciliation. Moreover, if you have interest in reading spiritual books, then you should do the same during this period.



For Aquarius natives, the mercury will transit in the eighth house of their horoscope. This will symbolise various obstacles, mis-happening, accidents, mystical subjects and research. Students will come across some useful information and concepts that will further help them in their academics. You may get benefited through your ancestral property. Your friends or relatives may present you with something unexpected. You may get worried about your children's health and therefore, it is advisable that you take care of them. You may find yourself inclined towards some spiritual subjects and learnings. Those who are married may get some benefit from their in-laws.



People belonging to this zodiac sign will have a favourable time during this transit. They may get benefited in their businesses. Those who are into partnership business may have an upsurge in their incomes. Not only this but their equation with their spouse may improve and strengthen. The working professionals too may have a great time during this transit. But there can be times when you may end up criticising people at your workplace and this can create severe problems for you in the near future. Your married life will improve and you will develop a stronger bond with your spouse. Those who want to study abroad can go for the same as the time is favourable.

Story first published: Tuesday, September 1, 2020, 19:30 [IST]