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Know Here The Effects Of The January Lunar Eclipse On Your Zodiac Sign


The first total lunar eclipse on January 20-21 according to ET and on January 21 according to IST will be one of the five celestial events to occur this year. It is said that every solar eclipse comes with its twin lunar eclipse. That is why, this lunar eclipse is occurring after a period of almost 15 days after the solar eclipse on 6 January 2019.

Astrology says that an eclipse might cause destruction such as a tsunami, earthquakes and other such natural hazards. Such is the power of an eclipse. Further, since it comprises changes in position and movements of the heavenly bodies, some effects on the zodiac signs might also be there. But what effects has this lunar eclipse of 21 January brought on each zodiac? Read here.



This eclipse might in some way make you realise that you are way too sensitive and you might feel emotionally unbalanced for some time. However, this will cause no practical harm. The only need is to avoid such thoughts and move ahead with a rational mind. On the work front, you will see more opportunities and challenges that you will easily overcome.

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The Taurians will feel a need to connect to the inner self due to the increasing bent of mind towards spirituality. Well, it is good and will, of course, help you prosper emotionally. This will also help build a stronger intellect. Increased communication with friends and family can also be expected.



Gemini will experience a good time on the family front. The relations will become cordial if they were not so until yet. However, workplace might cause some stress. Though you will be able to deal well with that as well, thus changing things in your favour.



The first lunar eclipse might not be too great for you. A tiff in relationships might be experienced and hence a negative impact on your mood. Do not let misunderstandings affect the relation much and try to talk things out.



With the first lunar eclipse of the year, Leos will realise that struggling with a situation might not be the right way always. Sometimes all you need is some confidence to not let the situation dominate you. Since you are a leader by your traits, as a Leo you should be able to control the situations you do not like and take the right decisions.



The eclipse has brought the right time and opportunities for Virgos to make the required changes and find out a balance between the personal and professional life. However, you need to be cautious in terms of what kind of energy you let surround you, as it's high time you avoid any negative vibes.



A time when you will feel a need to connect with the old contacts that you are no more in touch with. Along with this, you will also want to meet your own family members. These favourable opportunities in personal life should also be able to refresh you and boost your confidence in the professional life.



Dear Scorpios, you might have to make important decisions about your work as the lunar eclipses comes. While you will be able to manage your emotions well enough, you need to reflect back on life and realise where you are and what your goals have been.



This lunar eclipse brings a time when you would feel motivated. Where will this motivation come from? Well, self motivation as it would be, comes from your own introspection on life. While there will be flow of positive energy, let this energy bring some real positive changes in your life and not just go wasted. Give it the direction you want.



For the Capricorns, it can be said that they have had enough share of negativity inside. The eclipse has brought a time when you should revive and recharge yourself for great work ahead. Now this recharging has to happen through family and friends. Take out some time for them.



With the kind of events happening around, you might feel a bit uncomfortable and think that conflicts would take place. Well, try being patient and things will eventually turn in your favour. However, try to find out the reason for the environment in office turning hostile. A small change in your place might prove favourable.

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While a vital time comes when you might have to take quite a number of decisions, there are chances that you get distracted. Do not trust people blindly; use your head instead of the heart. Some people might try to take advantage of your hard work.

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