Have You Wondered What The Lucky Charm For Your Zodiac Is?

Each zodiac sign has its own symbols and charms that can help protect you from bad luck as well as bring good energy into your life.

All that you need to do is learn about the lucky charm according to your zodiac sign and keep the defined lucky charm as per your zodiac sign and see things change around you for good.

Do remember that a lucky charm does not have to be something that you need to buy. It could be something or someone that has been close to you all your life!

So, check out what your lucky charm is according to your zodiac sign, below...



This zodiac is a sign of fire, which means that bright colours are auspicious. The lucky symbols for these zodiac guys are of the sun, the moon and the stars. For women, ruby jewels are said to be excellent lucky charms.



This zodiac sign is governed by Venus, and the goddess's favourite metal is copper. People of this zodiac can use accessories made of copper as their lucky charm. On the other hand, any metal jewel with gems can also bring them wealth, health and love. To keep it more simple, one can bring luck to their home by hanging a metal horseshoe above the door.



This zodiac is an air sign, which means birds, butterflies and dragonflies are perfect for the zodiac. Any of these winged symbols can bring in popularity, imagination, creativity and freedom. On the other hand, to chase away bad luck, they should always have a mirror along with them.

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This zodiac element is water, so the lucky symbols are fish, starfish, dolphins, or any other water-related symbols. To attract happiness in your love life, all that you need to do is wear pearls or shells. For good luck with your career, then you need to wear a silver jewel in the shape of the moon.



The sun, the moon and the stars are the luckiest symbols for this zodiac sign. But since you are a fire sign, you should wear golden jewellery, which is in the shape of the fire or the sun. Apart from this, even ‘cat symbols' are also good for you, especially in your career.



This zodiac is an earth sign. The best lucky charms are natural gems that have circular holes in them. For prosperity, you can wear accessories that symbolise fruits like apples, plums, peaches.



Just like any other air signs, you need lucky charms that symbolize birds. Flaunting a hummingbird can help you climb the social ladder. If you wish to be successful in overcoming any kind of a challenge, then you should always wear an amethyst.



This zodiac is a water symbol, and the moon is believed to be its lucky symbol. Possessing star-shaped silver jewels will bring in professional success, while snake and apple symbols can bring happiness in love.



Just like any other fire signs, this zodiac represents the stars and the sun. The bow and the arrow symbol will bring in good luck. Wear a heart and arrow pendant on your necklace for better love life. For happiness in your love life, wear the mother-of-pearl items.



This zodiac sign is an earth sign. Having a stone can be lucky for this zodiac. The best stone is the pink quartz, which will help you keep your focus in order to achieve your dreams. On the other hand, possessing an amethyst can help you avoid traps in your business and love life.

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As this zodiac is an air sign having something to do with wings, it can bring in good luck. To keep accidents away, the bearer needs to wear a ladybug. On the other hand, a bee will help you avoid financial problems. A dragonfly will also help you enhance your creativity as well.



This zodiac is a water sign, so your lucky symbols are the sea, the waves, rivers and waterfalls. Apart from this, there are few metals as well, which can bring in good luck. The best choice is silver, while your lucky stone is emerald. If you wish to be successful in your love life, then wear a silver dolphin pendant.

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