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June 2018 Horoscope Predictions For Gemini

The month of June will bring about lots of positive changes in the life of a Gemini. Family life will take precedence over your work for most part of the month.

A lot of planetary movements will help push your career and make necessary changes in your career path. You will be better at turning hostile and managing tricky situations around you, thereby making others work in your favour by your friendly and welcoming nature at work.

You will be high on social skills, getting to know influential people and making new acquaintances. You very well know the benefits of having people around, so you will not miss any opportunity to interact socially.

Peace and tranquillity will run away from you, as you will have many things on your plate needing your attention. Travelling to new grounds to find solitude will indeed be very rewarding.

While the first few days of the month will be extremely hectic and stressful, the days after the 21st will be rewarding for your personal life, as you are predicted to form a new love connection.

For the detailed horoscope predictions for the month of June in terms of health, career, love life, etc., read on below to find out more.


Planet Saturn present in your zodiac house will help keep health problems at bay. You will be blessed with good health throughout the year. In fact, you may also be permanently relieved of a health condition that has been troubling you for long.

However, the worst you can do this month is to start taking your health lightly. This will surely invite trouble for you again.

The eclipse of this month may have a negative effect on you. Some may also experience a sexual overdrive. Utmost caution needs to be exercised while driving, especially at night, as there is a huge probability of accidents.

The change of season may catch up on you with persistent symptoms of cold and cough. While it is okay to resort to home remedies to get rid of minor infections, it would always be better to take the advice of an expert if the ailments don't go away.


Although it is a good time to pursue higher goals in your career, you may find some roadblocks on the way. Your jam-packed schedule will leave little time to relax but this doesn't guarantee success in all your endeavours. Quality over quantity will help complete your goals this month. Try to put in your all and keep away any distractions when you are working on a project, as there absolutely will be no chances of error.

This month, it is important you focus on honing your networking skills, as meeting the right kind of people will help catapult your career. Wherever you go, make sure to make a good impression on important people.

For business entities, patience will be the key to handling tough situations. Partnerships may not favour you much, so try to stay away from them. It is important to be on high alert for opportunities that will help you earn profits.


There will be a positive inflow of cash this month, as the influence of moon will bring about positivity in your finances. Investments will bring in high returns. The first half of the month is excellent in making money, as income from new sources will also flow in. Working hard will surely earn you its rewards. However, do not let all this good fortune get into your head. Finances need a very careful hand and mind. Think of ways to cleverly invest surplus money to plough sweet reward in the future.

However, it would be advisable to postpone plans of making fresh investments as of now and wait till the time is more in favour of you. Travels for work purposes will bring in a positive outcome.

Love Life:

The time until mid of June will be speckled with arguments with your spouse. It may be due to different temperaments or opinions. You will have to step forward and be the better person in order to clear the air between you. This sign of maturity will compel your partner to somewhat reflect on his/her behaviour.

Your love life will be active, as socialising will help you meet someone new and interesting with a same frequency as you. The relationship will have more scope if there are qualities common among the both of you.

Your Lucky Colours: Red and Blue

Your Lucky Numbers: 4, 9

Story first published: Friday, June 1, 2018, 2:00 [IST]