What Is Your Weakness As A Parent—Based On Your Zodiac Sign

They say zodiac signs can predict everything about you - from how you look to how you behave. If you know someone's zodiac sign, you can tell what kind of a person he or she is to an extent. While some traits are good, others are bad. But understanding these bad traits can help you to work on them and change them for the better.

Parenting is a tough job. The way you parent will determine your baby's outlook towards life and how he deals with it when he grows up. There is perhaps no other job in the world that is as demanding and as important as parenting.

But the thing is that no one can teach a person how to parent. There are no manuals or guides to help you with it. You may find tips and a lot of ideas on the net or when you talk to a fellow parent but ultimately, your parenting will depend on your character and your personal traits.

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This is where the zodiac signs come in. Today, we shall tell you the one most important parenting weakness your zodiac sign suffers from. Once you know your problem, you can try to rein it in and this will help you be a better parent. Read on if you are curious to find out your parenting weakness based on your zodiac sign.

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Aries: Short Temper

Arians are famous for being head strong, courageous and sometimes stubborn. But they also suffer from a short fuse and are known to blow up at the shortest trigger. This trait often translates into parenting too. Arians need to work on not losing their temper every time their child messes up because it will happen often. You need to calm down, take a deep breath and talk to the children when you feel the temper rising.

Leo: Laziness

Leo is a fun loving and cheerful sun sign. These individuals love life and spread sun shine to everyone, including their children. But the downfall of Leos lies in the fact that they are a bit lazy. They love cuddling up and spending the day curled on the couch or the bed. This trait can be absorbed by your child and it can cause problems when they grow up. When you are a parent, you will need to change this tendency to be lazy a little bit.

Sagittarius: Impatience

Parenting style of a Sagittarian is based on humour and generosity. But the same parent can become a little impatient when dealing with the kids. When you are a parent, times will arise when your kids will constantly challenge your patience - both knowingly and unknowingly. Frustrations will be your companion during parenthood. But remember that with patience, you can raise good children who are an asset to the society.

Taurus: Does Not Like Compromise

People born under the Taurus sign are patient, responsible and reliable parents. But they hate compromises. They want things done their way and plans to go as per their wishes. But the thing is that when you are a parent, not everything goes your way. Surprises are sprung upon you constantly and you have to be on your toes to deal with it. Plans will need to be changed as the situation dictates. You are a good parent and you can be a great one if you learn to compromise with the situation you are in.

Virgo: Too Critical

People who belong to the Virgo zodiac are very hard working. They expect nothing but the best from themselves and those around them, including their children. they can be too critical of their children's work, capability and behaviour. Criticism, if not constructive, can destroy a child's self-esteem and confidence. Try and learn to dish out less criticism to your children and when you do, make sure it is positive and constructive.

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Capricorn: Think They Know It All

The parents of the Capricorn zodiac are wonderful parents, as they have a great self-control, are much disciplined and responsible. But they think that they are the source of everything that needs to be known. They will not admit if they are found to be wrong and apologizing is out of question. It becomes hard for their children to learn anything from experience. They can also be exposed to wrong knowledge from their stubborn parents. If only the Capricorns accept that there is more to learn in life, they would be the perfect parents.

Gemini: Inconsistent

Geminis are great at adapting and molding themselves to new situations. They are open to new knowledge and absorb anything that is offered to them. But the very fact that they are flexible becomes their parenting weakness. Flexibility means that they cannot be consistent with their parenting. Children need a routine in their life to thrive. Parenting is mostly about giving children structure and balance. This is where Gemini fails. If they learn to put their foot down and make sure that they do not give into the whims of the situation and their children, they are good to go.

Aquarius: Fail To Express Emotions

Aquarians are great at providing the children a structure and balance in life. They know just what to do and exactly what their children need. But they fail to express their love or emotions to their children. They believe that they need to be strong for their children and also feel that bolting up their emotions will help the children become stronger. In reality, expression of love and emotions help in bringing the parents and the children closer. It creates a great bond that lasts a lifetime and creates an emotionally secure life for the child.

Libra: Self Pity

Libra makes for a well-balanced parent. They provide their children just the right amount of fun and restrictions. They know exactly when to let go and when to rein in. self pity becomes their problem. They tend to wallow in their problems and fail to look at the positives in their lives. They will often feel that their children are the reason that they cannot live their life to the fullest. This causes them to harbor resentment towards their children. Librans need to realize that they have a lot of positives in their life and their children are the source of a lot of happiness.

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Cancer: Pessimism

Cancer parents are charming and very likeable. They can even charm their children. They speak with such charm that their children will happily do chores that other children would never do. But they tend to be a little pessimistic in their outlook. They know that their children are great but still feel that they are failing at parenting. They can be too cautious and can quickly assume the worst scenario. This stops their children from reaching their full capability and enjoying their lives to the fullest.

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