How Does Your Zodiac Sign Reveals A Lot About You As A Mother

You would be surprised to know that your zodiac sign plays an important role in your motherhood.

A woman can be anything from doting and loveable mother to a fiercely individualistic.

zodiac revelations

According to astrology, every zodiac sign reveals a lot about the type of mother you are or will be. This is a simple guide to discover your "momstrology" identity of yourself .

Check them out and find out on what kind of mother you would be...



You are known for your strong and willful personality who is also independent and confident. Despite being fully occupied by work women of this sign she very well understands the importance of 'me' time. They do not like to budge when it comes to setting boundaries for their children or anyone else. On the other hand, an Aries mother is are quite competitive with their kids.



Women of this sign are known for their stability and balance. They can handle any given situation and they also tend to raise highly grounded individuals. On the other hand, their lives are pretty sorted as they follow a routine and do not like any kind of change. They just have no problem while setting certain basic guidelines like bedtimes, mealtimes, and nap times which makes motherhood an easy cake walk for them!

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They women are the most relevant individual personalities. They are always up on the latest and greatest technology. On the other hand, they have an eternal youthfulness that can draw children to them. Apart from this, they also have an incredible curiosity about the world around them. But on the flip side, these moms tend to have difficulty when they try to set boundaries with their children as their ever-changing energies and decisions can disrupt the stability experienced within their homes.



A mum of this sign is the most innate and her maternal love is just pure and natural. They tend to love and care for their babies with utmost love and attention. Being the most sensitive sign, these cancerian mothers are big-time doters. They seem to be overprotective for their kids and sometimes their sharp mood swings can also create conflict which can be unintentional.



Women of this sign are the most energetic as they are always high on energy. They are incredibly playful which makes their kids adore them. Due to the continuous flow of energy, their children are involved in every activity. On the flip-side these moms can come off as self-centered and with their flair for the dramatic, they can exaggerate little thing into something big!

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Virgo mums can be touted as the perfect mom. These women can be called as the encyclopaedia of motherhood as well. They perfectly know on how to raise their kid in the most perfect way and also inculcate healthiest habits in kids. But there are times when these moms can be rigid and retentive. Their judgmental nature can lead to some conflicts in life.



This sign women are ranks as the most patient parents. They are very calm while handling all the mistakes that are done by their kids. They are also known for their strong sense of culture. On the flip-side, these moms are characterised by their inconsistency, since they have tough love one minute and the next moment they would be seen cuddling them. They are known to be big time snobs of the parenting world as well.

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These women demand attention and intense pampering even when they become new mums. They will care about what others are doing with their kids. They are a little different as they have their own ideology about parenting and follow them. These mums are known to be tough and strict as they tend to be control freaks and their emotions can fluctuate in seconds which as a result can be difficult for kids to understand.



These moms are known for adventure and ability to take unexpected risks in life which means that their children will forever experience new people, places, and things around them more often when compared to other zodiac signs. They are known for their wise nature as they built a very transparent relationship with their kids. On the flip-side their impatience leads to disagreement between the mother and the kid.

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They are the rocks of their families. These women are incredibly hard-working, resilient. They do whatever it takes to get the job done. This quality of theirs makes them incredibly reliable and their kids look upto them as easy role models for all of the children in their lives. On the flip-side these mums also happen to be a bit too serious at times, and this can be fun-snatchers at times.



The main characteristics of an Aquarius mom is her youthful nature and independent spirit. Be it the woman or her kids, they may be referred to as quirky. On the other hand, they tend to allow their kids to treat them as friends or equals, and as a result, it makes it difficult for them to set boundaries.



These mums happen to be the ultimate empathy. All thanks to their greatest trait of nurturing sensibilities. They love unconditionally, and are loyal to their loved ones no matter what. Apart from this, they also happen to be incredibly creative, which helps them to foster their artistic side in their offspring. On the flip-side, they can come off as passive-aggressive or emotionally manipulative individuals when things don't go their way.

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    Story first published: Wednesday, March 14, 2018, 18:51 [IST]
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