These Zodiac Combinations Make Best Families

By Samantha Goodwin

Every family's story is different. While some manage to pull through even in the toughest of situations, others fall apart at the slightest disagreement. Ever wondered why? Does zodiac dynamics and compatibility have anything to do with this? The answer is yes and you'll be surprised to know just how much your zodiac sign affects your relationship with others.
It is very common for people to shun this belief and consider this superstitious, but according to astrology, the base of a good relationship could be a strong zodiac compatibility.

Each zodiac sign comes with its own set of characteristics and personal traits. While there may be exceptions, most people of a certain zodiac group carry these traits and behave in a certain manner. Before getting committed into any relationship, it is important to compare your zodiac sign with that of your partner's.

Zodiac sign

It won't just tell you things about your partner, but will also give you helpful insights into what you can expect from a relationship with your partner, how long it will last, whether you will be happy with each other or not.

Comparing Zodiac Signs of Family Members

Zodiac compatibility is not restricted to just your spouse, but also your children. While you don't have a say in what zodiac sign your children are, it can be a deciding factor in the kind of relationship you will share with them. If your zodiac signs don't match, there is a high possibility that you may have a tumultuous relationship with your child, filled with conflict. It could also be true for parents, siblings, grandchildren, aunties, uncles, nieces and nephews.

Before we look into the best zodiac combinations that make the best families, let's look into individual zodiac signs and what they represent.


Fire Sign: Aries

Aries is the first sign in the Zodiac and is one of the strongest fire signs. Arians are energetic and always look for speed and dynamics. They are very competitive and always like being the first in everything. Their strengths include courage, determination, confidence, honesty, passion, enthusiasm and optimism. On the downfall, they can also be very impatient, moody, impulsive, short-tempered and aggressive.


Fire Sign: Sagittarius

Sagittarians love travelling. Their philosophical views and open-mindedness is the driving factor behind their need to wander around the working, looking for the meaning of life. They possess a great sense of humour and are intensively curious. They are idealists and extremely generous. However, they value their freedom and dislike being constrained or bounded by anything.

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Fire Sign: Leo

Leos are born natural leaders. They have a clear commitment in life and are able to do anything to achieve what they want. They are loyal and hence have many friends. Their strengths include being generous, warm-hearted, cheerful, creative, humorous and passionate. However, they are also stubborn, arrogant, lazy, self-centered and inflexible.


Earth Sign: Taurus

Taurians have a need to be surrounded by love, beauty and physical pleasure. While they are practical and well-grounded, they can also be uncompromising, possessive and stubborn. As people, they are very reliable, practical, stable, responsible and patient.


Earth Sign: Virgo

Virgos don't like leaving anything to change and have a very methodical approach to life. They are very caring and have a deep sense of humanity. Virgos are extremely loyal, analytical, practical, hardworking and kind. However, they are also overly critical, shy and worry too much.

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Earth Sign: Capricorn

Capricorns are responsible, good managers, self-controlled and disciplined. They also come off as being know-it-alls. They can be very unforgiving and condescending. They are quality craftsmen and value friendship, family and traditions.


Air Sign: Gemini

People belonging to this zodiac group represent two different personalities in one. While they are gentle, affectionate, curious and adaptable, they are also nervous, inconsistent and indecisive. They dislike being alone or being confined.


Air Sign: Libra

Librans are fair and peaceful people. They are very social and dislike being alone. They can be cooperative, diplomatic, gracious and gentle. However, they prefer to avoid confrontation and are known to carry grudges for a long time. They also indulge in self-pity and will avoid conflicts at any cost.

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Air Sign: Aquarius

Although people in this zodiac sign are born shy and quiet, they love the outdoors and hate boring situations. They are progressive, independent, original and enjoy helping others. They dislike limitations and people who don't agree with them. They don't trust others easily and will not forgive people easily if they break a promise.


Water Sign: Scorpio

Scorpions are very passionate and assertive. While they make for true friends, they are distrusting and secretive. They are also jealous and violent. Scorpios make great leaders and are very resourceful and brave. Emotions are very important to them; but they never let emotions get the better of them.


Water Sign: Cancer

Cancerians care deeply about family and relationships. They are very sensitive and emotional. Other characteristics include tenacity, loyalty, sympathy, persuasiveness and being highly imaginative. They are also moody, pessimistic, suspicious, manipulative and insecure.

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Water Sign: Pisces

They are very friendly people and love having company. Pisceans are artistic, compassionate, intuitive, wise, gentle and musical. They like being alone and are hopelessly romantic. They don't like being criticized and can't tolerate cruelty of any kind. They are always forgiving and never judgemental.

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Air and Fire

There's a sense of easy when it comes to a connection between two people of these zodiac elements. This combination symbolises energy, excitement, motion and mischief. You can be certain that there's always going to be fun and happiness in such a relationship. However, sometimes, an air sign may think that the fire sign's passion can be too overwhelming and the fire sign may think that the air sign is too aloof.


Earth and Water

The earth and water signs benefit from each other and a relationship between family members of these zodiac groups are generally very effortless and strong. While earth signs have the patience to deal with the mood and complexities of water signs, water signs provide a strong emotional support for the otherwise insecure earth signs. However, there are chances that one sign may get irritated by the other's oversensitivity.


Fire and Water

While the beginning of this kind of a relationship may be passionate and generate a lot of steam, it is also prone to volatility and erratic behaviours. The enigmatic nature of water and the "larger than life" disposition of fire is not always a good match.


Air and Earth

While people of both these elements share a lot of common personality traits, they don't always make for great relationships. Air's unpredictable nature and frenetic energy is not a great match for earth's practical nature. However, they both have things to learn from each other and if worked out rightly, they can have a great relationship.

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Fire and Earth

These two are complete opposite elements and hence a relationship between the two brings its fair share of challenges. But like there's two sides to every coin, here too there can be various benefits. A fire sign's vitality will encourage an earth sign to embrace new experiences and welcome rather than fear the unknown.


Air and Water

A relationship between these two elements involves a lot of effort and hard work, as these are two completely different elements. However, this difference can act as a balancing factor for family members. What one member lacks, the other fulfills.

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