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Want To Know How Many Sexual Partners You Can Have, Based On Your Zodiac? Find Out!

Studying about zodiac sign makes us realize that it is a vast subject. It helps us understand qualities of each person in an ideal way.

There are so many things that are connected to our zodiac signs. Here, we are about to share some knowledge on how easy it is to find out about the sexual relationships a person can have based on his/her zodiac sign.

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These are the traits that define each zodiac sign and their sexual relationships. Find out more about it...



This zodiac sign people are confident and impatient, they don't like mind games. They have the inability to keep up their relationships, as it ruins most of their chances of getting laid. They do not think twice before they act. They may interact or even have sexual relationships with atleast 5-6 people.

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These guys are loyal and possessive. They expect the same from the world as well. They wish that forever still exists and hate to switch partners too soon. They are said to have just 2,3 partners in a lifetime.



These guys are said to have split personalities, which come out at different times in their lifespans. They are said to be inconsistent and have a hard time while making decisions. They always have a plate full in terms of options. They could have anything between 3 and 6 affairs.



These guys make it hard for others to soften by keeping their guard up all the time. Since they are sensitive, they do not like to make emotional investments. Instead, they consider sex as a casual affair and they do not get too mushy about it. They have around 2,3 serious affairs, apart from other teeny affairs.



These guys are the life of the party and they are also said to be stubborn people. They love to be the dominating person in the relationship. They are said to have a huge ego issue and they do not like it if things don't go in their way. They might have as many as 7-9 relationships.



These guys have a hard time being happy, as they are always over thinking, about even the most simplest of things. They love to validate from other's opinion before jumping into decisions. They might have around 4-7 affairs in their lifespan.



These guys are believed to be great at balancing all parts of their life and working with diplomacy. They are born charmers and know how to charm people with their magic and one will never see them alone. They could date around 7-9 people in their lives.



These guys are passionate and masters of seduction. They find it hard to trust people easily. But once they trust the person, their sex lives are going to be amazing. The relationship depends totally on the partner's efforts and honesty for them to be glued to. They could have as many partners as they like but keep the serious ones, which could last between 3 and 5.



These guys are said to be funny and hyper. They are said to be mostly popular, as they hold great conversations. Apart from this, they are believed to be of less action and more of talk! Their sex lives are great but just not as good as promised. They could have as many as 6-8 partners.



These guys are dedicated and responsible. Once they say something, they mean it and they are stern about their decisions. Although not very experimental, they make great partners in terms of satisfaction. They usually have around 4-7 partners.



These guys crave for mental connections, which are not just physical. They love being old school and do not like to have sexual relationships just for the sake of it. They may not be very good at showing emotions but that doesn't mean they don't have any. They are said to date around 2-5 people in their lives.



They are dreamy people who love to romance and love to get wild in bed. They might not initiate much but are up for almost anything. They are said to have almost 7-9 affairs in their lives.

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Story first published: Friday, September 22, 2017, 6:45 [IST]