Best Qualities Of Each Zodiac Sign

By Sreya Dutta

We all possess our very own specialized set of rules, principles or just boundaries in our lives that we very much like to follow. We do not like crossing or disrupting these no matter what. And if ever, whether it is ourselves or others, place even a step towards crossing them, it can really make us go crazy beyond limits.

But, we are sure that you will agree with us on how some things in our lives should not be compromised with or negotiated upon. All of us have such a common thing that includes a particular list of things that are absolutely sacrosanct for us, never to be messed with.

best qualities of zodiac signs

Although we believe and this fact especially being true is that such rules or solid values are actually little things that tend to shape our very personalities. These actually define our specific characteristics that almost always tend to stem from our very zodiac signs.

In this regard, we have listed below all the twelve special zodiac signs and the things they absolutely hate doing that stems from their very specific personality traits.


As Aries, you are super-dynamic in nature and you showcase all the key characteristics of natural-born leaders. You almost tend to never ask for permission. Instead, you like to go ahead with whatever you feel is right. You have an inherent desire and need to control, and you strive to reach the pinnacle of everything and everywhere, so that you are able enough to possess proper control over everything.


As Taurus, unlike the Aries, you generally tend to really hate people a lot when they do things without taking permission from you for the same. You generally do not like the idea of sharing, if you're not asked. You also do not like to entertain the concept of change, which is why you tend to hate random or radical ideas instead of your old safe ones.


As Gemini, if you ever face criticism, you will probably ignore it. You tend to possess a little too much of concern for the world than to just pay attention to simple criticism. You have the weight of the world on your shoulders; but when it comes to your own life, you tend to never be serious enough about it.


As a Cancer, your very first priority will always be your family and friends who you tend to be overly attached and dedicated to. You hate the idea of ignoring somebody important in life, which is why even when people around you do something of the sort to their loved ones, it absolutely infuriates you. Work and the very sense of responsibility is also really important to you, which you never like to shirk.


As a Leo, you love dominating and being the center of attention in everything, everywhere, which is why being dominated is something you absolutely hate. Also, your undying need to progress or excel makes you want to ensure that nothing ever disrupts your path towards those things. You also tend to never miss out on any important information or ignore even the slightest of details.


As a Virgo, you hate complications. You like and enjoy the simple things that life has to offer, and you feel quite content with little things. You never forget your origin. Where you started from is something that holds deep importance and meaningfulness in your life.


As a Libra, you probably have plenty of friends but you still hate toxic people. This is why you like filtering out the toxic ones soon enough, quite often, and tend to carefully make the real deals your besties. As Libra, the power of balancing things comes naturally to you, which is why you always like to balance your world in order to continue thriving in peace. In this regard, you hate imbalance and complications in your life and whoever or whatever even tries to disrupt that harmony, you would get infuriated.


As a Scorpio, you believe that nothing is impossible, which is why you hate the very idea of excuses. You also hate lies and hence liars who you can spot so well and easily. So, when people do not come clean to you, the idea infuriates and nauseates you. But in your own life, you often tend to be a tad bit sneaky and even conniving at times to the others, but never with your loved ones.


As a Sagittarius, if you ever have something to say, you will just say it. Keeping quiet even when you have made up your mind is just not your style. You hate keeping things to yourself, especially when those are the things that you want to let loose. Even if it means that your words might upset others, you will not hesitate before saying it.


As a Capricorn, you are an especially tough nut to crack. You can never be bogged down by any difficulty or mishap and you will always find strength or hope to never give up. This is why you hate people who do, as you like riding the storm till the very end of it. You also hate double-faced people and the very idea of hypocrisy.


As an Aquarius, you will always try giving your best shot no matter where or when or under what circumstances. You know and accept your potential and you would never like to stop at anything before you get to the pinnacle of your success. You hate drama and hence, dramatic people. You also often hate criticism and hate admitting to this.


As a Pisces, you have an in-built, inherent mechanism that you successfully use to ward off all kinds of negativity or even negative people at times. You hate negativity or even the idea of it. You like positivity so much that you even tend to look for opportunities in errors and mistakes and strive hard and move forward in making the best use of them.

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    Story first published: Thursday, April 26, 2018, 17:00 [IST]
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