Lagna Rashi Mesha: Do Not Wear These Gemstones

Mesh Rashi (मेष राशि) - Ratan for Aries | मेष राशि वाले जातक को पहनने चाहिए ये रत्न | Boldsky

Lagna Rashi refers to the zodiac which sits in the first house in the centre of the birth chart. The gemstones react with the aura around the person and radiate energies accordingly. A favourable gemstone will change the energy into positive waves and affect the life positively, similarly, the aura becomes negative if the individual wears a wrong gemstone.

The Lagna Rashi is a determining factor while deciding the best gemstone for yourself. However, the first mistake which people often make is confusing the zodiac with the Lagna zodiac. To know one's Lagna, one should consult an astrologer if they cannot find it out themselves. Once you know your Lagna Rashi, you should see which gemstones will favour it and which might give negative results.

Lagna Rashi Mesha : Do Not Wear These Gemstones

A wrong decision in this case might land you in trouble. Hence, there is a high need to make sure the gemstone you are wearing is not the wrong one. Here we have mentioned some of the conditions and gemstones which should not be worn by those with the Lagna Rashi Mesha, Aries.

Lagna Rashi Mesha: Which Gemstones You Should Not Wear

The birth chart is divided into twelve houses. Based on certain conditions of the birth chart of an individual, these houses are divided into upper and lower houses. While wearing a gemstone, one must keep in mind that the lord of the gemstone should not be sitting in a lower house.

For example, if a negatively affecting planet is sitting in the houses 3, 6, 8 and 12, then one must not wear the gemstones associated with those planets.

Other planets, the gemstones of which you must not wear, are Mercury. The gemstone associated with Mercury is Emerald. The Indian name of Emerald is Panna. Those with Mesh Lagna should not wear this gemstone. The gemstone for Venus, which is Diamond, White Sapphire and Opal should also not be worn by the people of this Lagna Rashi.

Lagna Rashi Mesha: Which Gemstones You Can Wear

Now we shall be discussing which gemstones will suit the needs of the Mesha Lagna. In the zodiacs, the first one is Aries and is commonly known as Mesha Rashi. The lord of this zodiac is Mangal, which is the Indian name for the planet Mars. The Ratna for Mars is Moonga.

Moonga is the Indian name for Red Coral. It is associated with Mars and proves beneficial in the life of the people with Mesha Lagna, Aries ascendant.

They can also wear the sun gemstone Manikya, also known as Ruby. This is seen to be giving positive results. Similarly, you can wear the Guru Ratna, which is the gemstone associated with Jupiter and Pukhraj, which is the other name for Yellow Sapphire. Chandrama Ratna, the gemstone of the Moon, is another option for the individuals of Mesha Lagna.

Besides these, sometimes such situations arise in life when individuals have to wear the gemstones associated with other zodiacs as well. For example, wearing the gemstone Neelam can be recommended for these individuals. Thus, one must choose the right gemstone and keep the aura balanced, thus, ensuring a happy life for oneself.

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