Effects And Remedies For A Weak Mercury


The importance of Astrology has been found in the Vedas. That is why, it is also known as Vedic astrology. Vedic astrology mentions a prime role of the planets in determining the type of life an individual lives.

The place where a planet is placed at the time of the birth of an individual leaves a certain effect on the personality of a person. Even the events happening in his or her life are either a direct result of the effects caused by the planets, or are affected by them. This effect can be positive as well as negative.

Effects and remedies for weak Mercury

While there are ups and downs in the life of every human being, sometimes the difficulties and struggles might seem unending and difficult to overcome. One might face one or the other problem, before he/she solves the first one. When the problems seen to have no end and you are not able to find a valid reason behind these, the actual cause behind these might be a weak planet, affecting negatively.

Hence, there is a need to find the remedies and start worshipping the lord of the planet. Well, how to find out which Lord to worship and which planet affects us, in order to rectify the issue? Here we have brought to you some of the problems which are related to the negative effects of the planet Mercury, as well as the remedies to reduce the negative influence, by pleasing Budh Dev. Take a look.

Unfavourable Positions For Mercury

When Mercury is malefic in the second house, the individual may not be in good terms with his brother, and the father's income might also get affected adversely. However, the individual might receive benefits from his elder brother.

Sometimes, when Mercury is placed in the eighth house, it might lead to the person being caught up in diseases and live a hard life. When placed with a male planet, it might give good effects as well. However, when Rahu is also present in the same house, the person might have to go to jail as well.

And if the Mars is also present there, it will give results such as losses in business, blood problems, eye problems, vein problems, tooth problems, etc.

When placed in the ninth house, Mercury gives bad results such as mental restlessness as well as disrespect in the society. It brings defamation.

In the eleventh house also, Mercury gives bad results. The native might lose wealth and respect around the age of twenty four. He might loose mental peace as well. However, his children might get married in well-off families.

It is malevolent in the twelfth house as well. There is lack of mental peace. However, when accompanied by Saturn in the twelfth house, it might bring very good results.

Effects Of A Weak Mercury In The Birth Chart

Mercury is one of the Nava grahas, and is considered benevolent when related to an agile mind. It is the lord of the zodiacs Gemini and Virgo. Otherwise benevolent, it becomes malevolent when it is placed with an enemy or another malevolent planet in the birth chart.

Then, it starts giving negative effects, known as Pratikool in Vedic astrology. When it gives pratikool, or negative effects, the following problems arise:

The individual can become cunning, standing strongly against those he does not like. He might be a liar and a gambler as well. The person might have a boastful and showy nature. He might be conceited and unprincipled. He might be the one who does not listen to other's guidelines; spreads scandals and who changes too many occupations.

Diseases such as stammering, loss of speech, headaches, neuralgia, spasms, giddiness, hysteria and insomnia are related to Mercury being in a weak position, as believed in astrology.

Remedies For The Malefic Effects Of Mercury

1. Place a pot filled with rain water on the roof of the house. You can also keep milk in it.
2. Offer an earthen pot filled with mushrooms at a religious place, such as a temple.
3. Never accept a tabeez (amulet) from a sage.
4. Avoid green colour as much as possible.
5. Offer green fodder to a cow. Donate green urad and green clothes. Make donations in orphanages. Help poor students financially.
6. Wear copper coin in white thread.
7. Wear a steel ring, the stainless one.
8. Clean teeth with alum every day.
9. Distribute medicines of asthma.
10. Wear a kesar (saffron) tilak.
11. Offer jaggery to monkeys.
12. You can also observe a fast on Wednesdays.

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    Story first published: Wednesday, June 13, 2018, 15:45 [IST]
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