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Astrological Remedies To Remove Pitra Dosha As Per Lagna Rashi

Pitra Dosh: पितृ दोष को दूर करता है पितृ गायत्री मंत्र, जानें महत्व । Boldsky

Pitra Paksha is that period of sixteen days which is dedicated to the worship of ancestors. The phrase - Pitra Paksha itself translates to 'the fortnight of the ancestors'. Every year it falls at the end of the Bhadrapad month and the beginning of the Ashvin month. This year the dates are from September 24 to October 8. Just after the Pitra Paksha, follows the period of nine days of Navratri.

Besides the rituals that are performed as a duty towards one's ancestors, the Pitra Paksha days are also considered for removing the Pitra Dosha. Pitra Dosha is that inauspicious occurrence which is caused when the ancestors of a family are displeased with the members. Reasons for it might be failing to observe the Shradh or not performing the post-death rituals properly.

This Dosha becomes a cause of many problems including health problems of the children in the family or financial problems as well. Removal of this Dosha is necessary to remove the associated problems. Here is what you should do during the Pitra Paksha in order to remove Pitra Dosha. (Based on the Lagna Rashi.) Take a look.



1. Offer water to a Peepal tree in the morning.
2. Light a lamp under a Peepal tree in the evening.
3. Be respectful towards your teachers, Gurus and elders and be of service to them.



1. You need to practice celibacy for these sixteen days.
2. You should recite the Chandi Path.
3. Offering kheer to girls between the age of two and nine years will also prove beneficial.
4. Make donations in the form of food to the poor and the needy, especially the ladies.

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1. Making donations will help you. Donate milk and rice in a temple.
2. Providing financial help in the marriage of a poor girl will be beneficial.
3. Finance the medical treatment of a person or buy him medicines.



1. Light a lamp in ghee and offer prayers asking for forgiveness for the mistakes done by you or by your ancestors.
2. Donating milk products will also help.
3. Donating items made of urad daal will also help you in removing Pitra Dosha.



1. Making donations has always proved beneficial for you. Donate food to the needy. You can also donate bed sheets and blankets. Donating sesame seeds is another way.
2. You should offer food to the poor people as well as the Gurus and the priests.
3. Offering services to the blind, especially distributing sweets among them will be highly beneficial.



1. You should not forget to offer prayers to Lord Shiva.
2. Recite the Bhagvad Geeta to remove Pitra Dosha.
3. Mahamrityunjaya Mantra also helps in achieving salvation. You can recite the Laghu Mrityunjaya Mantra to remove Pitra Dosha.



1. Making donations have always helped add to your good Karma also. You should donate sesame seeds.
2. You can also consider iron or objects made of iron such as utensils for donation. Along with these you can donate items made of urad daal (black gram) as well.
3. Sprinkling Gomutra (cow's urine) in all areas of the house might also help in removing Pitra Dosha.



1. Scorpios need to pay service to the saints in order to remove Pitra Dosha.
2. You can also offer food, especially sweet chapatis (those made using flour and jaggery) to the saints and the poor.
3. Performing a Yagna under the supervision of a priest will also be beneficial.

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1. Offer water to a Peepal tree and worship it to remove Pitra Dosha.
2. Offering food to the poor and needy continuously during the sixteen days will also help.



1. You should offer prayers to the Rudra form of Lord Shiva not just during Pitra Paksha or for removing Pitra Dosha, but every day.
2. Reciting the Shiva Mahima Stotra will also help.
3. Making donations of bananas along with mishri will be beneficial. Jaggery can also be used in the place of mishri.



1. You can donate oil, urad daal and sesame seeds on Saturdays.
2. However, the most important thing for you to do is to perform Pitra Tarpan under the guidance of a priest.
3. You may also recite the Bhagvad Geeta.



1. Donating clothes to the needy will help you; donate to the poor children in or near a temple if possible.
2. You should recite Ganesha Path along with Bhairav Path or Hanuman Path.