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Effective Astrological Remedies To Get Government Jobs


A good job is a need of the present times. And everybody aspires for a good job. While the definition of a good job can be different for different people, many of the youth today aspire for a job in the government sector. But to get such a job one has to qualify in tests. What makes these tests difficult is the fact that they have various stages.

A lot of hard work, determination as well as perseverance is needed in order to get one's name in the merit list. However, as most of the people believe, it is not the hard work alone but luck also that is needed to crack such exams and get a job in the government sector. Here are some astrological remedies for government job. Read more.


Worship Lord Shiva

Pour water on a Shivlinga every Monday. Also offer whole rice and pour raw milk on it. Doing so will help remove the problems obstructing your chances of a government job. Lord Shiva is one of the deities whose heart melts very soon. Hence, you should pray to him for blessing you with a government job.


Offer Roses And Vermilion To Lord Hanuman

Visit the temple of Lord Hanuman on a Tuesday. Offer vermilion and a rose to the deity. Offer prayers before such an image of Lord Hanuman where he is shown flying in the sky. Chant Hanuman Chalisa every day. You can also establish Hanuman Yantra.


Worship Lord Ganesha

Establish the idol of Lord Ganesha in which his trunk is facing to the right. Do this on a Chaturthi day (the fourth day of the fortnight). Offer prayers before this idol every day.


Feed A Cow

Offering food to a cow is considered to be one of the biggest virtues in the Hindu tradition. Feed chapati and jaggery to a cow before going for an interview. Feeding wheat flour is considered even more beneficial. This increases the chances of success in a venture.


Worship Shani Dev

Worship Shani Dev every Saturday. While offering prayers to Shani Dev, also chant the Mantra - Om Sham Shanishcharay Namah 108 times. This will remove the negative effects of unlucky placement of some stars in the birth chart.


Before An Interview

It is said that we should eat something sweet while leaving for an interview. Eating curd and sugar is considered auspicious.


A Mantra

Chant the mantra - Om Namoh Bhagvati Padmavati Ridhi Sidhi Dayini 108 times before leaving for an interview. This will also help in getting a government job.


Worship A Peepal Tree

Worship a Peepal tree on all days except on a Sunday. It is said that Gods as well as one's ancestors reside in a Peepal tree. Some even recommend lighting a lamp near a Peepal tree on a Saturday.

Story first published: Wednesday, January 16, 2019, 17:00 [IST]