Astrological Remedies For All Kinds Of Diseases


If you are caught up in a disease since long and are unable to find a remedy, or even if a family member of yours is facing a heath problem, then we are here to tell you some astrological tips for a healthy body. By following these few simple tips, you will get a sound mental and physical health.

According to astrology, every health problem is associated with a planet in the birth chart. Either the planet is placed in a wrong position or it is negatively affected by some such planet. Let us first know which planet is associated with which disease.

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If the position of the Sun is weak in your birth chart, then you might face problems related to the stomach, liver, eyes, heart, skin, head with constant fever, neurological problems, unconsciousness, etc.


A weak positioning of the Moon leads to asthma, diarrhoea, blood problems, problems related to excess or shortage of water, vomiting, kidney problems, diabetes, appendix, cough problem, urinary tract problems, mouth problems, mental problems, heart and lungs problems, etc.


If Roga Dosha, due to which diseases are caused, exists in the birth chart, one might face problems such as skin itching, blood problems, problems of neck and throat, urinary tract problems, tumor, cancer, piles, ulcer, dehydration and constant fever.


A person affected by wrong positioning of this planet might have to face problems related to nerves, problems in the nose, skin itching or typhoid, mental problems, paralysis, epilepsy, ulcers, mouth problems, skin problems, hysteria, dizziness, pneumonia, complex fever, jaundice, voice defects, throat problems, etc.


It is associated with health problems such as the ones related to the kidney, liver, ears, diabetes, jaundice, weak memory, teeth problems, mental problems, etc.
Vision problems, urinary tract problems, epilepsy, indigestion, throat problems, impotence, jaundice, etc., are associated with this planet.


A wrong positioning of Saturn becomes the cause of problems such as weakness, stomach pain, pain in the knees or legs, teeth or skin problems, muscle problems, paralysis, hearing defects, cough, asthma, etc.


This planet is associated with problems such as weakness, measles, total loss of sanity, severe pain, cancer, etc


Because of improper positioning of this planet, blood problems, weakness, laziness, wounds, allergies, etc., are born.

Now, since you know which problem is caused due to the wrong positioning of which planet, let us now go through various remedies for these. These remedies will help you keep yourself as well as your family safe. Have a look.

1.Watering the Peepal tree every day, except on Sundays, is considered to be a great remedy for all health problems. Men must perform Parikramas around the tree seven times, however, women should not do this.

2. Offering water to Shiva ji on every Purnima must be done.

3. Make a diya with mehendi and water it on an Amavasya morning. This diya must have four faces, meaning four places to keep the wick. Keep seven grains of urad, some vermilion or sindur, two drops of curd in it and offer two slices of lemon to Shiva ji or Bhairav Dev. Now, light the diya before the deity.

4. Chanting the Mahamritunjaya mantra or narrating Batuk Bhairav Stotra also helps in getting rid of certain health problems.

5. Serving and offering food to the birds, animals and even the persons who are unwell too is a much-followed remedy. This not only removes health problems but also brings mental peace.

6. Drinking water mixed with Gangajal in it also helps the suffering person.

7. Offer sindur to Lord Hanuman on every Tuesday and pray to him for good health. The person can also put a tilak on his forehead with the same sindur.

8. Take a 'saat jata nariyal' on Monday and chant the mantra "Om Namah Shivaay" and offer this coconut in running water. This helps remove bad health as well as poverty.

9. Keeping roots of Peepal tree and Sevdeyi tree (Vernonia Cinerea) with you can help fight off a long-time disease as well.

10. Last but not the least, making donations is one of the best remedies to help fight off diseases. After all, in this world governed by the Karmas, it is good deeds alone that come back and return the happiness that we gave to somebody someday.

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