Numerology Predictions For February 2018

Just like the zodiac signs, we do have our sun number and these numbers do not change. If you are wondering on how to find out about your sun number, then continue reading on how to find out about the same.

If you were born on May 25, add 5 (the month number) and 25, which is 30, and this reduces to 3 (3 + 0), which is the sun number.

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If you were born on November 13, add 11 (the month number) and 13, which is 24. This reduces to 6, as we add 2 and 4.

Now, calculate your sun number and find out on what numerology predicts for the month of February.

Below are the predictions for each sun number, take a look.


For Individuals Whose Sun Number Is 1

These individuals may move, travel or go on an unexpected trip. There are many changes, excitement and perhaps some upheaval experiences that these individuals will undergo. On the other hand, those who rigidly try and stick to their expectations and refuse to adapt will experience a difficult time, in which almost nothing works out in their favour.

The hidden thoughts and desires that these individuals have kept hidden for the past two years are said to come freely to the surface. Apart from this, those who are flexible and not afraid of changes will enjoy this month, as love life seems to be great as well.


For Individuals Whose Sun Number Is 2

This month brings an increase in responsibility and workload for these individuals. These individuals will receive recognition for all their efforts and abilities, and they will see a financial increase as well. Loyalty and a willingness to sacrifice their time and energy for their loved ones is very much needed during this time. This is the best time for love, warmth, and a strengthening of the bonds, which forms the foundation of their lives.


For Individuals Whose Sun Number Is 3

These individuals are more inwardly focused right now. They manage to impress important people around them and their career will see a steady growth. Their dynamism and excitement may cause them to be somewhat insensitive at times. Hence, they need to be careful about it. Minor health problems, which have not been treated can arise, hence they need to concentrate on eating healthy foods.

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For Individuals Whose Sun Number Is 4

For these individuals, this month can bring up an upheaval in the family affairs or with friends. These individuals will have a powerful balancing energy, and this will be directed to their close relationships. They need to focus on sensitivity and also avoid on the temptation to be rude at all costs. There are chances that they come on strong and this will blow their opportunities, hence they need to be clear on this aspect.


For Individuals Whose Sun Number Is 5

There are a number of changes that these individuals will undergo in their minds. Most of the time, these changes will occur inside their mind. There are chances that they can even distance themselves from the most outdated habits or relationships that they have been hanging on for long. On the other hand, they also have strong idealistic, humanitarian, and spiritual feelings all throughout this month.

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For Individuals Whose Sun Number Is 6

These individuals are full of energy and enthusiasm for this month when compared to the previous month. There are great opportunities and potential dangers that they can be prone to for this month, as they must guard themselves against making impulsive decisions. Courage, determination, and inner strength is what they need to get through this entire month.


For Individuals Whose Sun Number Is 7

This month awakens them to many of the underlying factors that influence the career and personal lives of these individuals. They are highly intuitive during this time and they also experience strange and vivid dreams. On the other hand, any kind of criticism can destroy them. They need to avoid confrontations. They are currently in a position where they can understand the motivations and desires which influence their needs for the month and can focus on it.

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For Individuals Whose Sun Number Is 8

This month brings objective reasons for optimism for these individuals. They tend to become more social during the latter part of the month. People are attracted to their upbeat attitude, and they can attract support from unexpected sources as well during the entire month. A new project seems to be in pipeline, as it ignites their excitement, energy and motivation which they are able to communicate to the others. On the other hand, they will also see that the self-expression of these individuals has improved and they feel more comfortable talking about their feelings, expectations and their dreams as well.


For Individuals Whose Sun Number Is 9

These individuals will realise that their progress totally depends upon their willingness to work diligently and to also remain focused on details. They feel capable and confident but, at the same time, they also become frustrated with the slow response of others. This is an excellent month for them, as they improve their financial position, particularly through better management.

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    Story first published: Tuesday, February 6, 2018, 12:26 [IST]
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