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Diwali 2022 To Diwali 2023 Yearly Horoscope For Finances - Numerological Predictions By Expert

The markets are glutted with colourful diyas. Looks like Diwali is knocking on the doors. Amidst buildings wrapped in new colours, elaborate cleaning of houses, and the noise of fireworks, India is preparing for its biggest celebration of the year. Diwali is the festival of lights. And on this day, the entire nation glitters in the light of happiness.

Diwali 2022: Festival of New Beginnings

While the celebration reminds us of the victory of good over evil, it also observes new beginnings. The festival, which arrives just before the New Year also marks the commencement of a new financial year. In an era where technology has replaced traditions, small-scale traders still flock to the shops to fulfil their immemorial ritual of beginning a new financial year with a new Bahikhata (accounting book).

Even big companies follow this old-age tradition by making symbolic entries. The auspicious Bahikhata is worshipped as a sign of respect for their business. The Goddess of Wealth, Maa Lakshmi, is also invoked during the puja to bless their finances with abundance, affluence, and prosperity.

New accounting books, bright new clothes, and renovated homes/offices infuse a new hope within us. Just like the train whistles reach our ears before the train arrives at the station, the echo of New Year can be heard amidst the hustle and bustle of Diwali.

Why Look At New year Now?

Just like the train whistles reach our ears before the train arrives at the station. Similarly, any time starts showing its impact on the world at large before it actually arrives. The impact of numbers & planets of 2023, has started casting its impact and as we move towards the Gregorian calendar of 2023, the impact will keep rising. Furthermore, many people and traditional businesses start their new account books from Diwali onwards marking a new financial year.

Numbers & Planetary Position

The upcoming new year will carry the energy of numbers 0,2,3 and 7 by virtue of the upcoming new year as 2023.

Furthermore, Jan 1, 2023, additionally carries the energy of Number 1 (Birth Number and Day Ruler (Sunday)) and 9 (Destiny Number).

Looking at major planets and their transits in 2023 (for a major part of the year), Saturn will be in the sign of Aquarius, Jupiter in Pisces, Rahu in Aries, and Ketu in Libra.

Furthermore, for the most part of the year, Neptune and Pluto will be making a relationship with Saturn or Jupiter by being present in sign ruled by these planets.

What Number & Planets Have to Say

A comprehensive assessment of the upcoming year from Diwali 2022 to Diwali 2020 based on the principles of 'Zero Numerology', 'Mundane Numerology', 'Mundane Vastu' and Karm Positioning System (KPS), the single letter keyword for the year is 'Period of Self Reflection'.

Some of the key financial events and suggestions being suggested by numbers include,

1. Save cash in hand and extend your cash run rate in the business.
2. Control your expenditures for the year as the global geopolitical situations and natural/manmade disasters will keep the time period to be unpredictable and unprecedented
3. Sectors such as tourism (well-being and spirituality-focused) will see a great boom and support from the government.
4. Agriculture, India-focused businesses (catering to the domestic market), SMEs and MSMEs will see unprecedented growth amidst global economic unpredictability.

5. Food Edible Commodities, Oil, Gold and Diamond will see an upsurge in their price with extreme volatility throughout the year

6. The USD-INR currency will be making headlines throughout the year and may kiss a three-digit level this year (especially around H1'2023)

7. Indian stock exchanges will show resistance to global peers and will grow significantly and may kiss a figure of 20K (especially around H1'23) amidst global volatility and negative sentiment.

8. The Indian government will try to implement certain controversial legislations (especially around June - September 2023) which may face heavy criticism and public uproar at large. This will keep law agencies on their toes.

9. The health of government top brass (including the prime minister and cabinet ministers), political, religious and business tycoons will be making out news all around the year and we may lose a few surprising ones at a younger age.

10. The Weather will show extreme cold towards the end of 2022 and early 2023 with heavy snowfall and rains (flood expected) especially in Southern states, Uttarakhand, Himachal, and Delhi Northeast among others. As the year progresses, it will also show record-breaking heat waves.

11. The number of cases of sudden brain damage, cardiac arrest, and suicide will be on the rise. One needs to proactively be in touch with loved ones and keep them loved and cared for. Do not hesitate to seek expert guidance if needed.

12. One needs to keep hold of one's emotions and should not act in haste by relying on unverified information. Public outrages and riots will keep law enforcement agencies on their toes.

13. Be proactive and take care of self and your family for health in advance.

14. The world may witness another disease outbreak in most parts of the world. The disease may be related to skin and/or eye with blisters, red patches, itching, and watery boils

DIY Remedies for the Year

Going back to the roots is the key sentiment of remedies and lifestyle changes.

1. Do not ignore any small things, seek expert guidance proactively in advance.

2. Increase your health insurance limits for the year and have your horoscope assessed in advance by a family astrologer and numerologist.

3. Worship your Kuldevi and Kuldevta and try to visit their temple once every quarter (if possible, every month)

4. Chant 'Ek Shloki Bhagwat' at least 11 times throughout the year

5. Include green leafy vegetables in your diet on a regular basis

6. Take a silver bowl and keep turquoise, pink quartz, rose quartz, black obsidian, amethyst, Alum, Rock Salt, Nagarmotha powder, Rose Water, Rose Petals and Gangajal. Mix this preparation in your bathing water daily. This herbal bath will help you in keeping your emotions in check and aspire positivity within you.

Welcome the new year of changes and transformations with open hearts and arms and align your aura energy to the cosmic energy of the universe with our proprietary 'Karm Positioning System'.

Disclaimer: The author is an Astro-numerologist and the information in the article is based on his expertise and opinion. Boldsky doesn't confirm or deny any inputs or information related to the article and our only purpose is to deliver information. Kindly consult your concerned expert before practising or implementing any suggestions and assumptions.

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